Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December Fethiye Photos Of The Day - The Countdown Continues

Well, judging by the response to our last blog post; a photo post about Fethiye kordon on sunny winter days, it seems we're all big fans of that particular area of town - and why wouldn't we be? So beautiful...

And on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page, yesterday, we shared another photo which was taken at the same time. In this photo, we turned away from the crowds just to enjoy the oh so peaceful views across the bay. That's the photo you can see below. And we don't want you to miss out on today's photo of the day either, so we've done a double whammy and included that, too. No prizes for guessing that's the unmistakable sight of Çalış Beach. We're very much about peace and tranquility at the moment - we all need a bit of that sometimes! 

We'll be having some Turkish foodie photos and a foodie blog post coming up soon, too, because we were taken out for lunch yesterday...and where there's food, there's my camera! For now though, let's get back to the sea and just enjoy the scenery around Fethiye with these two photos...

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fethiye: Sunny Winter Sundays Along The Kordon - Our Favourite Time Of Year

There are sights in life that are special - and the photos we're showing you in this post demonstrate what is special for us. 11 years living here and the kordon (the promenade along Fethiye seafront) just keeps getting busier and busier...and it really is a lovely sight to witness. Even after 11 years of living here, we're still 'wowing' as we meander and mingle through the crowds between Fethiye centre and our house. And that's why today's blog post is dedicated to Fethiye kordon.
Fethiye Kordon, Turkey
There weren't this many people at the Fethiyespor match!
You see, today, Fethiyespor played their last home match of 2014 against Körfez Iskenderunspor and the kickoff was 1:30pm. A truly glorious sunny December day - actually very warm, too - and all was perfect. We were happy to spend our Sunday afternoon at the stadium supporting Fethiyespor - sunny days are always more than helpful for these situations - and then, at 3:30, after a Fethiyespor win (hallelujah), we set off to walk back home.
Fethiye Promenade, Turkey
Promenaders along Fethiye harbour
If you know Turkey, you'll know Sundays are family-playing-out days and, of course, a bit of winter heat in the sunshine is always going to encourage more people to leave their home to make the most of the great outoors. And we do love the kordon on Sundays because it's always so busy with promenaders and those sat at restaurants, enjoying the seaside. But today, when we left the stadium to walk home...wow! 

I've taken so many photos along this section of the harbour on winter Sunday afternoons and it's always been crowded...but not this crowded. That's kind of confirmed when Barry does a, "Whoa, this is the busiest I've ever seen it here. How many people?!." And maybe these photos don't convey that - I tried to hold my camera at different angles but the sun was dazzling so we couldn't see properly. 
Fethiye Harbour, Turkey
Winter Sunday along Fethiye kordon
But when people ask us, "Do you get bored of Fethiye, will you ever leave Fethiye, are you settled here," it's scenes like this that just fill us right up, and overflow us with 'ahhhhh, Fethiye,' feelings. Scenes like this; this is part of our Fethiye. Part of our Fethiye that we love - and that, even after 11 years, we still 'wow,' at.

Don't forget, this is no special outing we're sharing here. All we're doing is walking home. Yes, we need to get away and travel around sometimes - we all need a change of scenery, atmosphere and culture occasionally - but that makes Fethiye our home; that place we're always glad to get back to (like when we returned from Izmir) when that break away is over... 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter In Fethiye - Hot Drinks All Round

Usually, our weekends on social media - and the blog, too, if we post - are reserved for Turkish food and drink. We're still doing food and drink for this post...but whether or not you decide it's Turkish is up to you. 

A few months ago, we ventured for our first visit to Fethiye's new shopping centre, Erasta AVM. From that one visit, we told you our first impressions of Erasta shopping centre and also did a post with more photos showing that it's not a bad place to be for families on a rainy day. And then there was one more post - food and drink often win the day for us, and our biggest memory of Erasta was drinking soğuk Türk Kahvesi (iced Turkish coffee) at Kahve Dünyası. And, to be completely honest with you, we hadn't been back to Erasta since, because, if you've read any of those previous posts, indoor shopping centres are just not our thing. The great outdoors and all that; that's more our bag.

Kahve Dünyası, Erasta AVM Fethiye
Kahve Dünyası Erasta AVM Fethiye
And then a few days ago, we decided to go and buy our Christmas presents for ourselves/to each other. Shoe shopping time. I've been looking around for a few weeks, just glancing in shop windows as we walked around town, and nothing has particularly jumped out. Time to give Erasta another go. And we did both find some shoes we both wanted - straight away - happy days - that's it, shopping done, no need to amble around shop after shop lest we lose the will to live. But it was a tad cold outside so we decided to make a return visit to Kahve Dünyası.
Mocha Coffee At Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye
Mocha and a truffle
No ice-cream based coffees this time. No, we wanted cosy and warm. We sat inside where it was cosy and warm and we looked at the cosy and warm coffees. Now, we could be accused of falling for gimmicks here but coffees with patterns on top - don't they always just look so tempting, so aesthetically pleasing. This was Barry's order. A mocha, served with a little truffle on the side.
  Hot Chocolate, Kahve Dünyası, Erasta Fethiye
It had to be a hot chocolate for me
For pretty-looking blog purposes, I did browse the menu for elaborate coffees with all manner of colours and whippy cream swirling around in glasses. And they did all look tempting but, sorry...You see, I then noticed a card on the table advertising their hot chocolate. Cold and rainy outside, going a bit dark, Christmas tree twinkling in the background; what else are you going to order but a comforting, frothy hot chocolate, eh? So even though this photo isn't particularly interesting, for me personally, it's another happy Kahve Dünyası memory - it was just what I wanted!

And if you're thinking you missed out on the photo of the day yesterday, you didn't. We did share a photo on our Turkey's For Life Facebook page but we saved the blog version for today because it matches. Here is the said Christmas tree that was twinkling in the background as we browsed the coffee menu. It's a 'New Year tree' in Turkey but it goes towards the festivities all the same. Yes, Erasta Fethiye's tree isn't bad.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Shopping - Gift Ideas For Fans Of Turkey

I think it's blatantly obvious by now that we are making every attempt to get ourselves fully into the festive spirit this year. We've even bought one Christmas present already - very early for us. We're sure lots of you are much more organised and did your Christmas shopping a while ago - but if you're still pondering some Turkey-style Christmas gifts, either for family and friends or yourself (well, why not buy yourself a little pressie - a Christmas treat), we've got a few ideas for you here. Some little stocking fillers...

For The Bookworms

There are so many good reads out there that are based in Turkey. Recently, we read and wrote a book review of Ayşe's Trail which is the true story of a woman as she hikes the Lycian Way. If you love the scenery and history around these parts (Fethiye to Antalya), this is definitely worth a read.

If you're in the UK, you can click here to buy Ayşe's TrailFor outside the UK, click here.

If you love a good detective novel - they're such an easy read when you're in the mood for them - then award-winning Barbara Nadel is your author. She writes the Inspector Ikmen Mysteries and her tales are based in Istanbul. The Daily Telegraph describes the stories as 'The Morse of Istanbul.' Click here to buy Barbara Nadel Books.


Turkish author, Elif Şafak, is also hugely popular and her books are translated into English. I'm currently reading - and loving - The Bastard of Istanbul. Click here to buy The Bastard of Istanbul or other Elif Şafak books.

Film & Music

We just can't have a Christmas shopping list without including 2014 Palme d'Or winning (Cannes Film Festival highest award) Nuri Bilge Ceylan. His films are fantastic - if you love cinematography - and absorbing, too. Don't expect 'action packed,' but you will be engrossed. We've seen Iklimler (Climates) and Uzak (Distant) more times than we can remember and we've also watched Once Upon A Time In Anatolia. All three films are visually stunning and are centred around the awkward relationships between the central characters. These characters will frustrate the life out of you - but also make you titter, too.

Click here to buy Nuri Bilge Ceylan films.

And as for music; no apologies for including this in our Christmas list again. For a real overview of the Istanbul music scene 
and of Istanbul, itself, then Crossing The Bridge is a perfect documentary film. Again, we've watch this film more times than we care to remember and will continue to do so. We love it! Click here to buy Crossing The Bridge.


Book A Hotel

If you really want to surprise someone, you could be romantic - or just very generous - and book a stay in a hotel in Turkey (or anywhere else in the world).

You can look for bargains through our hotel best price search tool - or sort something direct through Booking.com who, in our experience, generally have the best selection of rooms at the best prices.

Turkey Jigsaws
Yes, we do love a good jigsaw, as you know. If you're a fan of them, too, or you think someone would love one as a gift, we've found some with classic Turkey images on them. A small wooden jigsaw of the Turkish flag or a 1,000 piece Jigsaw with an image of Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) might take your fancy.

The Gift of Food
It's not too late to make our fruity spicy Christmas chutney recipe if you get cracking now. This can either be a gift to yourself, of course, or you can pass it on to others. Don't forget, we've also got our pickled red cabbage recipe and pickled vegetables (turşu), too. We often make things like this for friends who don't like to cook - they always appreciate them. 

Our winter chutney - perfect with cheeses and cold meats
And if you want to be able to make your own Turkish food, there are loads of recipe books out there that will make a perfect Christmas gift either to yourself or others. We've got The Sultan's Kitchen which we use often but for a complete introduction and beginner's guide, you could also buy The Complete Book of Turkish Cooking.

Whatever you buy and wherever you are buying it from this year, happy Christmas shopping. We're mixing between online, buying locally in Fethiye (especially handmade goodies) and making our own foodie gifts. Think we'd better get cracking, ourselves! 
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