Woohoo! Done it!

Well, who would’ve thought it? For months we’ve been talking about starting a blog but that’s all it’s been – talking, talking, talking. Today, I’ve finally sat down and five minutes later, here I am actually typing. Anyone who knows me will know this is a great achievement on my part – not the best when it comes to computers and technology.

Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye, the place we call home

We’ve got loads of ideas for what we want to put in this blog in the future. I just have to work out how this all works – I may be some time – and work out what we can do and can’t do. The very general idea is to have positive stuff about the Fethiye area in particular, but also about Turkey in general. And no doubt it’ll end up being a bit of a diary as well where I can tell you if we do anything exciting. Once we know how to do stuff on here, the aim is to have links to other blogs and websites that might be useful or interesting to people who fancy a holiday here or live here. Any suggestions gratefully accepted by the way.

For now, this lovely place here – Fethiye, Turkey – is where we live. We’re very biased about it and no apologies if this is blatantly obvious in what I eventually start warbling on about in future posts.

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  1. So glad you have come up with this idea, personally I can’t get enough info about Fethiye and I try to get this over to other people,sometimes with success,but it would be nice to direct them to a website that isn’t trying to sell them something but giving a genuine feel to the place through first hand knowledge.Well done

  2. Aww, what a lovely comment Janet. Thanks. I’m sure we can keep you updated on the goings on in Fethiye. Hope you can see this comment. We had trouble seeing yours – apparently a common problem with Blogger. Fingers crossed x

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