A Day Trip To Kaş From Fethiye

Kaş is a lovely day out from Fethiye and there’s a reason why we’re writing about it today. We’ve not just pulled it from nowhere. Hopefully, we will be in Kaş on Wednesday because we will be sailing over to the Greek island of Meis (Kastellorizo) to renew our tourist visa. We say ‘hopefully’ because some friends of ours went yesterday. They’d already had one crossing cancelled because of the horrendous weather. Yesterday was also bad weather but deemed safe enough to make the short sail across to Meis. Please let it be a still day next Wednesday.

Kaş, Turkey

Views from the road to Kaş

Kaş is a really pretty place to visit. We love going there – and we’re there quite a lot because we do our visa trip from there most of the time. From Fethiye, you can drive there or go by bus; either way, the journey is amazing as you will go along the D400 which passes through the XanthosValley (still one of our favourite places in Turkey) and then becomes the coastal road that winds along the mountainside Mediterranean coast. The road eventually passes above Kalkan (see photo above) and numerous stunning bays, the most famous of these being Kaputaş Beach. White sand, turquoise sea, sheer cliff faces. You’ve just got to take your time when you’re driving there – get out of the car and take some photos. It seems a waste to rush the journey.

Kaş was formerly a Greek town and this is obvious in the old centre. Small, ornate balconies wrapped in decorative wrought iron, cascading fuchsia-pink bougainvillea and restaurants with blue-painted window frames.

Kaş Town Centre, Turkey

Kaş has pretty pedestrianised streets

The photo below is of a restaurant where we sometimes sit for a drink because it’s very pretty, rickety and has amazing views over the bay. We can’t remember the name of it off the top of our heads but it’s at the top of a steep cobbled street near the Lycian sarcophagus. Our favourite bar though is a tiny little cosy place called Eski Ev on the main square.

Kaş Restaurant

There are pretty restaurants to eat at in Kaş

As for eating out in Kaş, well if you’re like us and permanently on a budget, you’ll be on the lookout for yummy Turkish street food or a lokanta. This is no easy task in Kaş but our noses are well trained now and we can always sniff some out somewhere.

A few streets back from the harbour is the market and fish area. There’s a tiny balık ekmek (fish sandwich) place there with only two tables and he makes amazing whiting sandwiches, calamari, mussels and a few other seafoods.

Four of us ate there recently. We all had a fish half-bread each and shared a plate of fried mussels and a plate of calamari, all served with rocket salad. It was all beautifully cooked and cost us 30TL  between the four of us. Now that’s what we love about being in Turkey!

Fethiye to Kaş is 2 and a half hours by bus  or 1 and a half to 2 hours by car (depending on how fast you drive and how many tractors you get stuck behind and how many photos you take.)

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  1. Julia, this sounds charming.

    We’re researching a base for the winter, and I’m wondering if this would work. There’s a little campground here. It’s farther from Fethiye then we wanted, but my does that seafood sound good.

    I just read that the population of Kaş is around 6,000. Also that it’s a major dive center, so perhaps we could all get certified.

  2. @ Renee: Kaş is small but like Fethiye, it’s a working town so you shouldn’t be in the wilderness all winter. Also, the D400 (that Kaş is just off) is an absolutely stunning road to drive along and there are loads of places to explore along it that are easily accessible from Kaş. Olympos, Üçağız, Myra spring to mind. And of course, you can also come westwards to visit Fethiye. 🙂

    You can go over to the Greek island of Meis from Kaş, too. Really pretty. And then there are the mountain roads inland. Elmalı is around that area.

    Not sure if the dive centres will be open through the winter months – it’s not something I’ve ever asked about being that I’m terrified at the thought of being under water with a tank strapped to me. 🙂

  3. Watching these photos reminded me the atmosphere of Kas, thanks.

  4. You’re welcome. Hope you get to sample the atmosphere of Kaş again, soon. 🙂

  5. stephanie rolinson says

    What bus do you get from Fethiye to Kas [,would love to see and In not overly keen on organised trips ] .Do they run regularly and how much does the journey cost Many thanks

    • Hi Stephanie
      You need to go to the main intercity bus station in Fethiye and there are two companies: Fethiye Seyahat and Batı Antalya. The buses are pretty regular but the last one back from Kaş to Fethiye is around 18:30. Check when you book. The journey isn’t too expensive – around 15 TL each way.

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