A General Fethiye Christmas Update

calis beach sunset

Boxing Day Sunset, Çalış Beach, Fethiye

Well, I think the only adjective that befits how I feel this morning is ‘jaded.’ We both felt the same when we woke up but Barry’s progressed to feeling ‘not too bad.’ Not moving today. We’re listening to Aggers on Test Match Special as I write and neither of us intend on doing much else.

Christmas Day was great. Very hectic and needless to say, the fridge is full of all sorts of food. Not being the type of folk who like to throw things away, we will get through it all. At least the chocolate log went on the day. Thought it might. We had decided it was far too sweet but the Turkish guests with their sweet teeth thought it was lovely and got rid of the lot.

A few posts ago, writing about Christmas in Fethiye, I mentioned we would be making mulled wine and that the Turks would learn to like it. Well, we’ve created a monster. It was definitely the success of the day – probably because we added loads more brandy to it than we did last year. Mmmmm. Barry’s mum was ‘not drinking’ all day and got through three big mugs of it. I think she still thinks she didn’t have a drink all day! And the Turkish friends who didn’t like it last year were going back for seconds and thirds and…

Boxing Day, yesterday, was a case of hair of the dog. The weather in Fethiye was absolutely gorgeous – sunny and warm – so we went for a walk along Çalış Beach to Güven’s Bar. Just to say Merry Christmas to Carol and Güven you understand. Being polite. And so, drinking commenced again and we didn’t stop until we left Deep Blue Bar (more mulled wine) later in the evening…hence, jaded! I did manage to take a Boxing Day Fethiye photo though. This is yesterday’s beautiful sunset taken from Güven’s Bar at the end of Çalış Beach.

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