Tis the season to be…

Right. Determined to start getting festive as from today. I don’t know if it’s the lovely weather or what but I just know Christmas is gonna arrive all at once and we’ll have done absolutely nothing about it cos those festive feelings are just not happening at the minute.

seasonal food Fethiye market Turkey

Köyceğiz tangerines on the Tuesday market in Fethiye

So, here is my first attempt at feeling festive. Seasonal fruit and vegetables in Turkey. Fortunately, a lot of the fruit and veg which is in season at the minute matches a lot of the words that pop into my head when I think about Christmas. December is citrus season and the smells on Fethiye market on Tuesday were just – well – citrusy. Lovely. Tangerines galore at the minute. You can never get bored of a tangerine – hours of fun pulling all the pith off each segment. And tangerines just make me think of Christmas when I was a kid. It was probably the only time I ever ate fruit…hmm, what a healthy childhood I must have had.

If you’re lucky enough to be driving along the Fethiye to Muğla road at this time of year – joyous! 24 hour roadside stalls all through Köyceğiz, full to the brim with tangerines, oranges and lemons. Probably psychological but they don’t half taste better when you just jump out of your car and buy a massive bagful.

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  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful and must be lovely to see all that fresh produce.
    Doesn’t feel very christmassy over here at the moment either,despite sitting in my house staring at a heavily decked tree.

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