Live Music In Deep Blue Bar

We had an absolutely fantastic night last night (and another late one) at Deep Blue Bar. The band in the photo is Bluestone and we’ve watched them a few times now. Selçuk is an amazing guitarist who you’ve just got to see – trust us on that one!

Bluestone at Deep Blue Bar

Bluestone playing a Deep Blue Bar in Fethiye

We think they’re going to be playing at the bar more regularly in the future so whether you live in Fethiye or you come here on holiday, next time you walk past the bar, check if they are playing. If they are, you have to see them. It’s going to be a case of get-there-early too because they’re really popular and the bar was packed last night. We’re convinced it’s only a matter of time before Bluestone are snapped up by some Turkish record company so use the opportunity to catch them at Deep Blue Bar while you can.

We’re very tired today but not too rough, surprisingly. Sales of the old Efes Pilsen are set to nosedive this week because I’m kicking my New Year’s Resolution into action and not drinking any alcohol on weekdays. Cold turkey for a week as from today. Jogging again in the morning and then we’ll be super healthy and back to being normal human beings again. Hmmm.

The Christmas decorations are coming down later on as well because I’m a bit sick of looking at them now. It shouldn’t take too long because most of them have fallen down anyway. They’re all looking a bit bedraggled and tired after a long Christmas – a bit like us!

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