Cafe Pazar – A Sunday Favourite

It’s one of those funny (as in funny, odd) nothing days today. The Fethiye weather is just grey, no breeze at all, a bit misty, might rain, might not. That sort of day. We’re off to Fethiye market in a few minutes. That might liven the spirits up, a little.

Speaking of markets, we went to Çalış market on Sunday and that leads us nicely on to Cafe Pazar. We’ve known the owners for years so we go to see them occasionally on a Sunday. If you spend most of your time in Turkey in the summer months, you’ll know how hot it is walking round the market with all your purchases. Cafe Pazar is perfectly situated just 100 metres or so down the main road from Çalış market and they specialise in very cold Efes Pilsen – an absolute necessity for thirst quenching in the mad heat. (We know you’re supposed to drink water but beer/lager lovers everywhere will agree with us that you just can’t beat a beer when it’s hot and you’re relaxing). If you’re there in winter, they’ve got a real fireplace to keep you cosy.

Cafe Pazar

Cafe Pazar gets busy on Sundays

We’ve not eaten there very much. When we have, I’ve always had a köfte sandwich (served on the traditional Turkish crusty bread and the köfte is expertly home-made) because they’re lovely. If you get withdrawal symptoms from lack of pub-type British food when you’re in Turkey (pie and chips, Ploughmans’ etc) then you won’t be disappointed with the menu at Cafe Pazar.

Come to think of it, Cafe Pazar caters for most withdrawal symptoms. There’s a separate TV room for sports. We prefer this system because it’s depressing listening to all the full-blast football commentary coming from different bars when we just want to have a chat. (Can you tell we’re not football fans?!) There’s a games room as well with a good quality pool table, dartboard, a couple of computers for the internet and a book swap. Oh yes, you can book airport transfers and Avis car hire from here as well. Not a lot they don’t do really is there?

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  1. cafe pazar sounds like a lovely place, especially near the shuk, probably an interesting place to people watch.

  2. I’m a bit of a professional people watcher wherever I go anyway but Cafe Pazar is good for that. We saw a man in an electric wheelchair on Sunday. He was pulling his wife’s shopping trolley behind him with his wife sat inside it! Innovative.

  3. We love Cafe Pazar. It’s one of our local bars, and the perfect place to stop at the end of the night, before going home! Quiz night is excellent, and pulls in a good crowd.

    In the summer, it’s difficult to drag yourself away, as the staff are fab, and, as others have said, it’s a great place to people-watch.

    There are free internets for the kids, and free phone calls home for the parents!

    Really would recommend this place.


  4. Ainsley said he looks forward to wooping your ass at bowling!! That’s fighting talk me thinks!

  5. Hi Fletch,

    I’d better try and win Ainsley round so he ends up on my team then – cos I’m rubbish. Can probably only beat your good self out of all of the Fletcher clan…

  6. Hi Jules

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll forward it on to them at the cafe next time we go!

  7. I really enjoyed spending my time in cafe pazzar, i would recommend it to any one going to calis beach

  8. It’s a place where you kind of get stuck!

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