Fethiye Rumours – McDonald’s?

There’s a fantastic verb ending in the Turkish language; ‘miş’ (pronounced ‘mish’). The lovely miş eliminates the need for people to say, ‘Apparently…’ ‘Somebody told me that…’ ‘So I’ve heard…’ You can just say your sentence and stick a ‘miş’ on the end. You’ll hear it a lot if you listen to a Turkish conversation because there are a lot of subtleties in the use of ‘miş’ – it’s not all just rumours being repeated.

Fethiye McDonalds

Is this the new McDonald’s?

‘Miş’ popped up into my head because the English language hasn’t got anything like that and it is perfect for when talking about the goings-on in Fethiye. For instance, one thing you get used to when living in Turkey – and probably lots of other countries – is that you only ever have a rough idea of what any new constructions might be. It really is a case of ‘it will be what it will be.’ If you’re lucky enough to see the projected outcomes – like we did for the new harbour a couple of years back – this can also mean absolutely nothing. The harbour has changed from that original plan beyond all recognition. (The tram track in the original plans is now our running track).

For us, this all goes to make life in Fethiye very interesting. Fethiye is fast-growing and there’s always a rumour circulating (sometimes many different rumours) about what is going on. I like to take all in and then follow developments and wait and see what the final outcome will be. No walk into town is ever boring that way. Photo snapping and predictions (usually wrong) see to that.

And so, the latest rumour is that Fethiye is getting a three-storey McDonald’s (miş). Great for the people that want it (most of our Turkish friends can’t wait). Not a big fan miself but I’m sure they’ll survive completely well without my custom. Burger King seems to. The rumour is that the new McDonald’s is going to be near to the entrance to the Tuesday market where the canal goes into the sea. So, could the building in the photo be the new McDonald’s? Oh, the suspense. Will keep you posted…

Fethiye McDonald’s Update 18/03/10
Fethiye McDonald’s Update 26/04/10
Fethiye McDonald’s Update 21/05/10

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  1. i had no about the “mis” (sorry can’t get the accent on the s) verb termination in turkish (not surprising really as i know nothing about turkish) but it sounds like a lovely simple solution make it clear you are talking about doubt/uncertainty/speculation/etc… much better than in spanish which uses the subjunctive (and therefore requires that you learn many more conjugations) and really does my head in!

  2. There are other uses for ‘mis’ that I will never understand – subtleties of the language that a foreigner could never grasp. That does my head in! All part of the fun of being in a strange land I suppose.

  3. Just having a quick browse through your blog and this entry made me laugh! I have Turkish parents, but was born in the UK, so I can totally appreciate things like mis! You must always use mis when talking about something which you didn’t witness in person… but its also a great way of delicately expressing doubt in someone’s story! When I hear my Mum and Teyze’s gossip, every other word is mis!

  4. Thanks for your comment Serap. Yes, we hear miş a lot too. I’ve never quite got my head round the use of miş when telling someone you like their new dress or something like that though. There is no English equivalent. ‘That dress looks great on you – miş.’ Language is funny.

  5. Anonymous says

    Yes, it is true about McDonald’s coming to Fethiye. How do I know? I am married to the architect.He flew down there a few months ago to check the site.

  6. Thanks anonymous.

    There are updates on the post because we followed the ‘continuing saga.’ The McDonald’s is all up and running now 🙂

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