Hotels in Fethiye & The Karagözler

Marina Vista Hotel

A major facelift for this Fethiye hotel

When we did the trek around Fethiye peninsula on Thursday I have to say that for once, we were lost for words. Let me tell you why. Most of the hotels in Fethiye centre are along the Karagözler, over looking the bay and the marina. When we used to come here on holiday, we always stayed in this area and along with Paspatur (the old town), this is our favourite part of Fethiye.

Fethiye’s Karagözler is divided into two; 1st Karagözler (Birinci Karagözler) and 2nd Karagözler (İkinici Karagözler) and it runs the full stretch of the bay. You can see it in the photos from yesterday’s post – a beautiful stretch. As we walked along towards the start of the walk, changes were already afoot for the start of the 2010 summer season. Amazing!

In Turkey, nobody thinks anything of tishing a building and doing it up. It’s just not a big thing. The builders just go in and get on with it. So what normally happens is…well, nothing over winter and then about a week before the first charter flights are due it’s all hands on deck. And like I said, very often it’s not just a quick scrub up. Full scale building work will go on and it will be a race against time.

Marina Vista Hotel Fethiye

Even the restaurant area is being demolished

Now, to be fair, the race against time is usually won but I can never help thinking, ‘Could you not have done all this months ago so you could take your time and do it exactly how you want it to be?’ Well we’re not sure what’s kicked people into action along the Karagözler but there is major work going on in FOUR, yes 4, of the hotels in Fethiye.

The Irem Hotel on the first Karagözler is now called Hotel Status. It’s all very colourful but I didn’t get a photo because the workmen were busy and I didn’t want to disturb them. On the second Karagözler, the Yacht Plaza (Yeni Yacht) Hotel (top right photo) is having major work done and we suspect is going to be very posh, maybe aiming for the boutique hotel feel. It looks like all the rooms in the Ata Park Hotel are having new electrics and a lick of paint.

But the one that has shocked us the most – and if you know this Fethiye hotel, you’ll be shocked too – the Mediteran Hotel is also having a major refurb, including all the grounds. The rooms are completely stripped out, some of the roof is off and their already lovely outside area is having a major facelift.

So, the Karagözler has always been the posh address in town. It looks like the hotels in Fethiye are going to make it even more posh. A lot of people say Fethiye needs some really nice hotels to attract more tourism. Well, it looks like the hotels in Fethiye are indeed going to be really nice. Work has started in January. Wow. Can’t wait to see the end result. As usual, we’ll keep you posted…

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