Rain!! In Turkey but not South Africa…

Ohhh, we’re gonna get cabin fever if this relentless rain carries on. The weather in Fethiye has turned to its usual winteriness (not a word, I know) now. When it rains, we either get fantastic thunder storms and high winds or we get like it is today; very still, an all over greyness, misty and continuous, heavy rain. Great big droppers they are. We managed a quick dash to the supermarket last night and that’s about it. We’ve not been able to go jogging for three days either so here I am, sat on the couch getting slobbier by the minute.

Fethiye pelican wildlife

Fethiye’s resident pelicans

I watched the tennis this morning and then we decided, ‘Great. Cheer ourselves up by putting TMS on and listening to the final test in South Africa.’ Well, it’s just one of those days isn’t it! Aggers said the match started at 11am (Turkey time) so we put it on then. Not only had we missed the first few minutes of the game, we were already 7 for 2! 7 for 2. Can you believe that? What’s going on at all? We’ve eeked up to 94 for 4. Lordy. Poor Geoffrey Boycott’s gonna burst a blood vessel. He’s not been able to construct a sentence for a while and his brain is only allowing him to spurt, ‘Rubbish. All rubbish. Rubbish cricket!’

Anyway, mustn’t digress from the aim of our blog – to be all things positive about Turkey. We must tell ourselves that all this rain is replenishing the reservoirs of Turkey which, a couple of years back, were struggling a tad. There, that’s positive isn’t it. Oh, and Paul Collingwood has just hit a 6 on the last ball before lunch. 100 for 4. This positive thinking is paying dividends. We might get to venture outside yet as well. Here’s hoping.

A happy photo today as well. The two resident pelicans of Fethiye. I took this last Sunday on the way to Çalış market. They’ve been in Fethiye for a couple of years now – they’ve got good taste. We like to see them bobbing about on the water; where they should be.

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