Beautiful Weather In Fethiye For Valentine’s Day

Is spring on its way in Fethiye? If it is, it’s early but we’re not complaining. We’ve got the snow on Babadağ but there isn’t half as much as there normally is. There’s normally little pockets where the snow sticks around till the beginning of May but we can’t see it lasting much longer if this mild weather carries on. We’ve even got buds and blossom on the trees. It all goes towards helping a good mood though – I feel nice and Sundayish today…but I mustn’t be feeling Valentinesish because I forgot today. Oops.

Fethiye spring blossom

Early almond blossom

Valentine’s Day (Sevgililer Günü) is pretty big in Turkey and has become more commercialised in the Fethiye area since we moved here. Being the practical and ‘living on a budget’ people we are, we went out yesterday for an early Valentine’s lunch. This is because all the restaurants do things tonight – just like in the UK – that I can’t be doing with. Special menus that cost a fortune, floating love heart balloons, roses and the like. Well luckily, the weather in Fethiye is so lovely today that we’re getting the barbecue out for our Valentine’s meal. Woo hoo. The first time it’s been out of it’s little corner in 2010. Lamb chops (pirzola), veggie şiş kebabs, kısır and some Spanish potatoes. Can’t wait!

A snowcapped Babadağ

By the way, we went to Buffalo Steakhouse for our Valentine’s lunch yesterday. It’s a new steakhouse restaurant in Fethiye and it was great. The menu doesn’t look cheap (for Fethiye) when you first look at it but when your food comes out, it feels like a bargain. Anywhere that does massive battered onion rings is always going to be a winner for me though. We both ordered a burger off the lunch menu and a portion of onion rings between us but you get a big salad bowl and hot bread and dips as well. I can’t leave anything like that alone so I was full before the burger had even arrived. Of course, when the burger came, it was a big, meaty doorstop served with potato wedges and salad and I was disappointed with myself that I had to leave some wedges. The meal worked out cheap though because we didn’t need any tea later on!

Whatever you’re doing today or tonight (we’ll be sat with an Efes Pilsen or 5 or 6 in Deep Blue Bar)

Happy Valentine’s Day / Sevgililer Günün Kutlu Olsun!

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