Fethiye News Round-Up

Lots of little bits of information to write about today so it might all seem a bit disjointed, but never mind…

Fethiye Harbour

Fethiye Harbour

Bridge-building in Fethiye

First of all, look what we walked across the other day! Woo hoo. The bridge over the canal on Fethiye’s new harbour is up and running. It’s a pretty bridge too. The workmen are still treating all the wood and stuff (whatever it is that workmen do) so I’ll get a nicer, sunny photo when they’ve moved on. Benches are popping up and a couple of new ‘constructions’ (we can’t even begin to imagine what they might be) are being built as well. I’ll get some pics after we’ve been to Istanbul and hopefully, we might have a bit more idea of what’s being built, although we’re not holding our breath…

Fethiye Market

Next bit of news – I think this is great. The new trend over the last couple of years has been for someone to scrawl graffiti all over the whitewashed part of the walls in the inside of the Tuesday market. There’s not a lot in life that bugs me but I hate graffiti. The council would paint over it all and then the day after the scrawl would be back. Well, sad that they’re needed but great idea. We walked through the market (this is the inside of Fethiye market on a non-market day, just in case you didn’t recognise it) yesterday and cctv cameras have been fitted at each end and as you can see, no more graffiti.

Fethiye market pazar

Fethiye market on a quieter day

Fethiye Central Mosque

We also walked past the main mosque in Fethiye yesterday – the one next to the dolmuş station. That’s having a major facelift on the inside. New windows as well it looks like. Ashamed to say we’ve never been inside it. A classic case of not doing stuff that’s right on your doorstep. We’ve lost count of the number of mosques we’ve been into in other Turkish cities and we’ve never even thought about going into Fethiye’s main mosque. Maybe we’ll have a nosey when the refurbishment is done.

New McDonald’s

As for the McDonald’s rumour, well one of my friends is doubting whether it will be that building. I’ll get another photo soon and if it is going to be McDonald’s, it’s going to be big. It looks like a small multi-storey car park at the moment.

Fethiye Weather

Last little Fethiye weather report. Huge storm last night that caused power cuts for loads of people except us. Our internet’s never worked so fast – we were probably the only people in Fethiye with access to it. Constant thunder and lightening shooting straight into the sea. Huge forks across the sky. All very exciting. The sky was still a bit grumpy and grumbly this morning but it’s brightened up a bit now. And the forecast for Istanbul is looking good too. Yeahy!

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