Valentine’s Day In Front Of Turkish TV

Well, we had a perfect Valentine’s Day yesterday because we got to do the barbecue we wanted to do. The Fethiye weather held up and even though it was cloudy, it was still really warm so we ate outside. Middle of February and eating outside at night! What’s going on?

My kısır tasted so much better with the home made pomegranate juice in it and the pirzola (lamb chops) was fantastic. A bowl of natural yoghurt sprinkled with chilli and mint and some sweet red peppers and onions thrown on the barbecue. Mmmm. I could eat it again now. Sometimes your own food tastes so much better than what you can get elsewhere doesn’t it?

Barbecue in Fethiye

A Valentine’s Day barbecue

We decided not to go to Deep Blue Bar because we’ve got some friends out for the next couple of weeks – and that always makes an extra big dent in funds – so it was a good idea to stay at home really. All was not lost though because it meant we could watch Yetenek Sizsiniz. Classic weekend Turkish TV. If you’re reading this in the UK, think, ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

We watched a couple of the earlier rounds a few weeks ago and of course, they’re always the best episodes because you get all the ‘triers’ on who are completely atrocious but make for much better – and probably a bit cruel – viewing. Last night, we got a bit lost because we couldn’t work out if it was the final or the semi-finals but it was still great. I was rooting for a group of lads doing a breakdance routine – I’ve found out this morning that they’re from Didim and are quite well-known there so if you know and visit that area, go and see them because they stood out more than anyone else for me.

kisir and yoghurt

The meze is as important as the main

We try to watch Turkish TV because the theory is that it improves your Turkish. Hmm, well it might help some people but it’s just not happening for us really. Apart from that though, there are some good programmes on that you can kind of follow but the amount of advertising is mind boggling.

There were times during last night’s Yetenek Sizsiniz where the adverts were on for a good ten minutes AND the main presenter was breaking away from the presenting sometimes to do some more adverts (our friend said this happens to cut down on the other adverts). These little side presentations must have been pre-recorded because the guy just kept appearing on the stage with a bottle of Coke or a Turkcell symbol and doing a little talk on them – cue pre-recorded shots of the audience laughing and applauding and a bit of bad editing to link back to the live audience applause for the actual show. Bizarre.

We guess all these companies must pay for the programmes in the first place. If you’ve ever watched a football match on Turkish TV, you’ll know what we mean with all the adverts. Just at a crucial moment in the match, a motif for some company or other will pop up on the screen, flash for a couple of seconds and then disappear again – along with the crucial moment in the match.

Oh, and we have no idea who won the final / semi-final of Yetenek Sizsiniz last night because the programme just went off. Do the panelists decide? Is it a public phone vote? There were numbers being read out…we don’t know, and probably never will.

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  1. so I read all the way through the post-where is the kasir recipe :-)?
    ads are the reason I don’t watch Israeli television, I usually wait for them to appear on the internet, much nicer that way.

  2. Kisir recipe is in the next post Sarah. I keep starting to write on a topic and then go off at a tangent – and I’m worried about making my posts too long.

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