Fethiye Summer Preparations – A Çalış Beach Clean-up

A few days ago, we went for a walk along Çalış Beach – we love it at this time of year when the weather’s on the up but everywhere is still closed and sleepy. For me, I think it must come from a childhood of family holidays spent in Fleetwood. Definitely not rock n roll and definitely always sleepy – a bit of crown green bowling, putting 2 pence pieces in the one-arm bandits in the amusement arcades, fish n chips on the prom, watching the P&O ferries docking…can you tell we used to take my nana and grandad with us?

Calis Beach Fethiye Turkey

Çalış Beach Clean-up

Anyway, the big local news was there was going to be a bit of work done on Çalış Beach. At last. Apparently, the purpose of the clean-up is to make it better and more attractive for tourists and also to make it easier for Caretta Caretta to lay their eggs.

So, a lot of the big sharp rocks have gone and a lot of the shingle too and as you can see, a good job all round. Çalış Beach looks like a beach and the turtles should be able to dig to lay their eggs. Let’s hope it stays like that. All the steps are being turned around as well – steps on one side and a ramp on the other.

Springtime seasonal produce on Fethiye Market

The produce on the market is also on the change. We’ve just got back from the Tuesday market in Fethiye. We’ve bought some roka (rocket leaves) and semizotu (purslane) because the weather’s good enough to hit the salads now – we’re thinking an olive oil and nar ekşisi dressing to go with them. Mmmm. Maybe a bit of grilled helim (halloumi cheese) too.

Morel mushrooms are starting to appear on the market as well. 50 lira a kilo at the moment! Wow. We’re pretty sure they were about a third of that price last year! We know this is a lot cheaper than elsewhere in the world but we’re not sure we know any morel mushroom recipes good enough to merit buying 50 lira’s worth of mushrooms.

Has anyone ever had a morel? Are they that good or are they so expensive because they’re difficult to find?

It’s the Üzümlü mushroom festival next week so maybe the price of them will come down a bit and we can get some…or maybe I’ll just take a photograph of them on the market and leave them to the mushroom connoisseurs of this world…

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