A Quick Life in Fethiye Update

It’s that time of year again where the wisteria of Fethiye kicks into action. It’s not quite this beautiful yet – this photo is from last year – because it’s only just coming out along Fethiye harbour, but this time next week, it should be in full bloom. It’s stunning when it’s like this but it does get a bit leafy and boring after the blooms go. At least it tells us the weather is on the change, though.

Fethiye harbour Turkey

Appreciate Fethiye’s wisteria while you can

We’ve decided that whoever is in charge, is making a huge effort to get the new Fethiye harbour looking something like decent for the summer season because there’s constant activity all the time now; diggers, pavements being put down, plants being planted.

The classic thing was, we were walking up the harbour earlier on because we were going for a drink at Boğaziçi and there were two women walking down the new part. The workmen are putting up a steel frame for a new building next to the now famous Fethiye bridge – famous on this blog anyway. One of the women stopped and asked the workmen what the new building was going to be. We pricked our ears up because we’ve been wanting to ask for ages. The reply was, ‘The same as that one down there.’ Funny. ‘That one down there,’ is a concrete shell with a bit of wood panelling on it. So, still none-the-wiser!

Up very early in the morning because we’re off to Turgutreis, near Bodrum, with friends tomorrow. An exciting little outing. We’ve never been to Turgutreis so we can get lots of new photos and have a nosey round a new (for us) area of Turkey. Can’t wait!

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  1. Hurry back we are having withdrawal symptoms without our daily dose.

  2. @ Jan: And two years later, she sees the comment. So you’ll know by now, Jan, that we did hurry back. Good job we know you. 🙂

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