Seasonal Weather in Fethiye – Blossom and Bees

Spring has very definitely come early in Fethiye this year but it’s always welcome after sitting in the house for days on end, watching torrential rain. Another sign that the Fethiye temperatures are gradually on the rise is the sudden appearance of bright yellow blossom on many of the neighbourhood trees. We’re not too knowledgeable with tree types – feel free to comment on what they are – and it’s difficult to do a search with little to no information, but we’d love to know what they are.

fethiye weather Turkey

Mimosa trees in bloom in Fethiye

The feel-good-factor about these trees when they are in blossom is that they really come to life. Fethiye and surroundings is a big bee keeping and honey producing area and the bees are really attracted to these yellow flowers. So much so that yoou can hear a constant humming around the blossom when you walk by. We’ve got three of these trees in front of our house and at the side so we can hear them all the time at the moment when we’ve got the doors open.

Fethiye honey bees Turkey

A Fethiye honey bee at work

Very brave for me not to be scared of them – and to be able to take a couple of photos – but I don’t mind these bees. They’re busy collecting their pollen and don’t seem interested in us. And this year, we have to be very grateful in Turkey that there are any bees at all, don’t we? Britain and other European countries would be very happy if some of them flew there and started pollinating a few flowers.

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  1. It looks so summery down there already. We are just having gray and rainy weathers here in ıstanbul. I wish the spring feeling arrives quick here too.

    Bees are nice when they do what they should be doing but I am afraid of them. Espeacilly autumn bees which are freezed&”drunk” and they don’t know what is their job anymore, and coming too close me. 😉

  2. Your pics of Spring are encouraging, even the one with the bee.
    Here in Canada, Vancouver we just received another bout of cold drizzle. Yesterday, I awoke to a fine dusting of snow.
    I am very much ready for Spring.

  3. I think we were very lucky when we went to Istanbul 2 weeks ago Heli. Snow before and after we went. We managed to wear t-shirts on one of the days we were there. Lovely and sunny.
    I don’t think Vancouver would be a good place for me to live. I need some warm sunshine to kick me into action!

  4. Those trees look yum :))
    you don’t get those that much in Britian well in England where I live but I have no knowledge in trees too :(( but I heard that those could be honeysuckles bees love them 😀

  5. I love spring but we have been having heatwaves in March, ridiculous. Think the tree might be an acacia, with the fluffy yellow flowers.

  6. Looked on Google images at acacias. Couldn’t find the exact leaves but the fluffy yellow flowers were a perfect match so they must be some sort of acacia. Thanks Sarah.

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