A Sunny Saturday Along Fethiye Harbour & Musing About Jogging

Yesterday’s trip to Meis all seems like a bad dream now. It’s like it never really happened – my camera is next to me here on the couch. I’ve just been chuntering away because I can’t get today’s photos of Fethiye harbour where I want them on this post, but as I’ve just been reminded by Barry, at least I’ve still got some photos I can chunter about. Good point.

It’s Saturday and sunny here in Fethiye so we were in sprightly enough spirits to go for a run this morning. I think the trick now is to go as soon as we get up before the sea breezes come. It’s very still first thing and the first sign of any wind, I use it as an excuse not to go. So from now on, it’s out of bed, on with the jogging bottoms and trainers and off up the running track.

Fethiye harbour mediterranean Turkey

Phase 2 of Fethiye harbour

I must be trying hard with my jogging though because for the first time in my life, I have a sporting injury. I know not many people would be very pleased about this if it happened to them but I’m quite proud of mine for the moment – I just hope it passes. It’s a pain right across the back of my knee which, according to the internet, could be all manner of things. Anyway, it’s okay while I’m running and a couple of anti-inflammatory tablets seem to do the trick when we get home.

landscaping Fethiye harbour

Lots of palm trees and grass seed

It was all hands on deck on Phase 2 of Fethiye harbour this morning. All the wooden buildings (still none-the-wiser as to what they’re all going to be) are getting tiled floors and there’s a big team of gents and ladies doing the landscaping. These photos are from a couple of days ago so it looks different again today. All the soil is being flattened and it looks like grass seed has been sprinkled.

At least there are things happening again because it all went quiet a while back. And I’ve got to say – sorry, blokes out there, but when the women turn up to do the landscaping, transformations occur a lot quicker than they normally do AND they sweep up after themselves. They’re all still there as I write. Fethiye harbour will have lovely gardens in no time.

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