Wandering Around Fethiye And Picking Up The Latest

We know we live in lovely, lovely Fethiye but we still get that relaxed, happy weekend feeling – even here. Today has been very Saturdayish. A bit of television this morning and then a run a little later.

Fethiye harbour

Gülets and fishing boats in Fethiye harbour

The telly revealed some interesting news actually. We were watching TRT Music and we had the same foot-tapping song on for about an hour with short interviews with the band in between. Who were the band? None other than the Turkish group MaNga. What was the song that was playing over and over again and brainwashing us (I can already sing along to most of it)? Their Eurovision Song Contest Turkey entry.

We mentioned a while back that they were rumoured to be doing Eurovision. Looks like that’s a definite then. No longer a miş. As for the song; errrrm, it’s in English. You can tell it’s MaNga but the song’s been a bit Eurovisioned. We’re big MaNga fans but this sounds a bit ‘European’ if you know what we mean.

Anyway, it’s still a cert to make the final, we reckon, so look out for them when the Eurovision Song Contest is on. Looks like they’re up against a Mr Pete Waterman entry from the UK. Why has he never been asked before? So, as the Brits get to vote for classic cheesy pop for the UK entry, here in Turkey we’re heading into a MaNga fest. We’re not complaining.

Fethiye Rumours

Another piece of news we should pass on for tourists. Someone asked us via the blog about the Fethiye to Rhodes hydrofoil a couple of days ago so we went for a gentle stroll along the harbour today and into Fethiye to see what we could find out.

We’re tumbling back into the world of ‘miş’ here so don’t quote us on this. We’d heard a rumour that there was going to be a new catamaran instead of the Flying Poseidon hydrofoil for this year. Well, that’s now a maybe and the other maybe is that, whichever craft it is that is going to be sailing to Rhodes from Fethiye, it’s going to start on the 1st May. Guess we’ll find out on the 1st May…we know what we think will happen anyway!

After a çay (Turkish tea) on the harbour we wandered through Paspatur to see what was going on there. Yet another rumour. Apparently the council have decided to do it up a bit to attract more people – thank you, thank you – and we’e hoping the work’s started because there are all sorts of big holes in the floor and diggers and workmen.

Oh yes, and if anyone’s thinking things are not going to be ready for summer (we only ever seem to show photos of construction and rubble), all this is very normal for this time of year in this part of Turkey. Somehow, everything gets done and we’re sure this summer season will be no exception.Okay, Deep Blue Bar is calling. Live Turkish music on tonight…hope we don’t fall into any of the Paspatur holes…oh, and must remember to walk across that there bridge on the way home.

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  1. This is all so new to me… I know ver little (daren’t say nothing) about Turkey. So your blog with its lovely pictures and informative content is a real learning curve for me! I’ll be back 🙂

  2. Thanks Margit. Turkey is a constant learning curve for us. Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted, something happens to assure you you know very little. Never a dull moment – just how we like it:)

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