Fethiye Arrival of the Tour of Turkey Cycle Race

A perfect afternoon today. A glorious sunny day, a stroll into Fethiye, a couple of beers and then the witnessing of the completion of the Denizli to Fethiye stage of the 46th Presidential Tour of Turkey cycle race. We thought there wasn’t going to be as many people there as there last year at first but it soon filled up. The power of the mobile phone eh! A few ‘geliyorlar’ (they’re coming) to friends on phones and in no time at all there were noisy crowds galore. A great atmosphere and it really puts Fethiye on the map. Fantastic to see it so well supported and hopefully, it all looked good on TV.

Fethiye leg tour of Turkey

Waiting at the finish line

Last year when we went to watch the finish, I had my camera at the ready and just wasn’t prepared for how fast the cyclists would be going past us. You watch them on TV and the commentators tell you how fast they’re going but it still doesn’t look that fast. I managed to get a couple of really good photos last year but none of the first few cyclists. They’d zipped past before I’d pressed the shutter button. I wasn’t going to be foiled this time. It never crosses my mind that there’s a video option on my camera but I remembered today so I used that.

Tour of Turkey winners Fethiye leg

Winners of the Denizli to Fethiye leg

The photo that is actually there is of the first three cyclists to cross the line. They didn’t even look tired! We left after this presentation and then there were other presentations. Prizes were given for the sprint winner (which seem to happen in mid race at certain points?), king of the mountain and the overall winner so far, which we presume is like the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

Hmm, as far as we’re concerned, those three in the photo were today’s winners. Think we need to study this sport more to understand what’s going on. The cyclists go on to Finike tomorrow along the D400; a beautiful road. The next stages are Antalya and Alanya so the scenery is going to be amazing all the way along. We might even get to watch some more of it on TV tomorrow.

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