Fethiye Rumours – Were They Just Rumours Then?

Here are two prime examples of why we just take Fethiye – and maybe the rest of Turkey – as it is, right in the moment.

Logic tells you something is going to happen soon. You might read a story in the local press, you might see a poster, you might assume something is going to happen because you can see the preparations for it with your own eyes. Ama, Burası Türkiye. We’ve adapted this to Burası Fethiye (This is Fethiye).

Rumour 1

The first rumour we heard a while back was that Flying Poseidon was going to be retired and by January (the January of 2010 that’s been and gone), Fethiye would have a new SeaCat type sailing vessel in the harbour that would carry many more people to Rhodes in a quicker time. ‘Let’s see. That’d be fantastic. Let’s see,’ we thought. (We’ve got used to not assuming now. It’s the only way forward and more fun.) We even had the rumour confirmed when we went into a travel agency in winter to check on summer sailing dates. A new catamaran would ‘hopefully’ be in harbour soon.

Fethiye to Rhodes day trip

Is the Flying Poseidon set to leave us?

And so, a couple of weeks ago, we wandered along the marina and noticed Flying Poseidon was gone. A gaping gap where once she was moored. Was this going to be the arrival of the new, upgraded, bigger beast?…No!

Not yet anyway because the good old Flying Poseidon has returned to the marina. We didn’t see her leave or return and how permanent it is, who knows? We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Flying Poseidon though, so we’re not too bothered…or too surprised that the SeaCat is yet to appear. But, we’re not saying she’s not going to appear, either.

Rumour 2

And then there’s the new McDonald’s in Fethiye. We wrote about this a while ago as a Fethiye rumour. And a rumour it was. But Fethiye rumours don’t always (often?) turn into Fethiye news. It was just a shell that a few people had said was going to be McDonald’s.

Then you might remember that we promoted the Fethiye McDonald’s to ‘definite’ status because we saw the banner stating McDonald’s would be at our service very soon (see photo in link – there was evidence for our assumptions). Imagine our surprise – well, not surprise. More, ‘Would you credit it?’ The McDonald’s banner has disappeared without trace and on the other half of the building is a new sign reading ‘pizzas and hotdogs!’ We think the company is called something like Pizzaroni but they sell hotdogs too.

Fethiye Turkey McDonalds

A new pizza place for Fethiye

What’s going on there then? Is the building being divided into two (Wow, healthy food galore. Maccy Ds with a pizza and hotdog shop next door) and the McDonald’s banner has blown down in the wind, or have McDonald’s pulled out altogether? We’ve now demoted the Fethiye McDonald’s back down to rumour status pending further observations of events. We are assuming nothing till either of the fine food emporiums opens its doors to the discerning public!

Fethiye McDonald’s Update 21/05/10

Update 2012: The pizza and hotdog place is now an insurance brokers, McDonald’s opened and the Aegean Queen catamaran eventually arrived into the harbour…and Flying Poseidon stayed exactly where she was. Both vessels are used for the Fethiye to Rhodes crossing.

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  1. oooh,mysterious happenings in your small town

  2. Ohhh, we never know what’s going to happen next Sarah.

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