More Fethiye Summer Season Clues and a Rumour or Two

A few more signs of the Fethiye summer season arriving: We got up a couple of mornings ago and opened the curtains to the usual scene,  and ten minutes later, a great big cruise ship had appeared. There’s much debate about Fethiye harbour not being equipped for the size of cruise ships and whether it should be redesigned so it can accommodate them. As non-lovers of cruise-ships (we’re sure it would be our holiday from hell – personal choice) we actually think it’s the way forward for getting tourists into Fethiye itself.

Fethiye Turkey cruise ship

First cruise ship of the Fethiye summer

Another sign of the arrival of the Fethiye summer season – arrival of our first visitors. Barry’s 80-year-old Great Auntie Jessie arrived last night. She should have arrived yesterday afternoon but was delayed for three hours so only got here in the evening.

She couldn’t work out which queues she should have been in at Dalaman for her visa sticker/visa stamp and got sent to the back of each one a couple of times in the confusion. In the end, she went to the security man and said, ‘I need to get through there,’ and pointed through to where everyone was going. He promptly took her passport from her, took it to each of the windows, got the sticker and the stamp and took her through. That’s what you can do, you see, when you’re 80. Common sense!

Fethiye Rumour Updates

A couple of Fethiye rumour updates as well. Please only take all of this with a pinch of salt. They might turn out to be very true and they might turn out to be horrendously false but it’s all good fun. A friend has told us today that the big new building next to Martı Cafe (really posh one that’s been being built for the last 18 months or so) is actually going to be McDonald’s. McDonald’s on the harbour? Hmm, we’re not having that one.

The other Fethiye rumour is to do with all the constructions on the new bit of the harbour. We were thinking offices, but we’ve been watching developments and the interiors are going to be just too small. Word on the street (as in our English neighbour who’s always pottering about in the area and talks to all the workmen – which language they use, we don’t know!) is that they’re going to be gift shops and cigarette kiosks etc. This was all part of the original plan for further up the harbour so let’s wait and see what happens. We’ll go out to get some pics then you can decide for yourselves. It seems as a good an explanation as any to us, but then it’s all just rumour…

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  1. Hey JayP.
    I have some friends going to Turkey in June so I am going to make a Turkish meal for them.
    Any food suggestions for me?

  2. Hi Celeste

    Do you know how to make köfte? (Like mini burgers). If so, they go really well with piyaz Or you could always do a barbecue and put shish kebabs on. Go to town with the side dishes we’ve put on here. Good luck

  3. Thanks,
    while in New York we had something called, Adana kebab. Is this similiar?
    I will check out your site.

  4. I’m a creature of habit and I always end up ordering Adana kebab in Turkish restaurants. It’s one of my favourites. The spicier the better. You need to get your mince so that it will cling around the skewer all the way along and then you just grill it. (I say ‘just’. Whenever I’ve tried, the minced meat falls off!)

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