You Know It’s The Start of The Fethiye Summer Season When…

Yeahy. After a rather cold and damp (understatement – it was very rainy) day yesterday, the Spring Fethiye weather is back with a vengeance. It’s been glorious today, although we were a bit dubious about the predicted hot weather this morning when we got up. We went out onto the balcony and you could see your breath – it soon warmed up though.

I went for a run (note the singular there – Barry still has his sporting injury) and it was most pleasant by the time I finished. The sea was more like a lake – perfect reflections of the yachts, gülets and the pine forests. I have to admit, it makes going for a morning run much easier. I’m not sure I’d have the same get-up-and-go if I had to run through Wigan at 6am before I went to work every morning.

Turkish gulet Fethiye Turkey

Gülets look more appealing in summer

The tables are out!
And so another ‘You know it’s the start of the summer season in Fethiye when…’ We’ve just had a lovely couple of drinks at Ocakbaşı Iskele Restaurant on Fethiye harbour. It stays open all winter and it’s nice to sit inside then for a meal but, because it’s at the beginning of the Karagözler, near Fethiye’s ancient Telmessos theatre, you can’t really sit outside in winter because the sun doesn’t reach high enough in the sky to warm you up. Today though, the tables were out, the customers were there and the sun was shining. Beautiful view of the gülets in the marina from there too. We’ve identified a little wall as well – just enough room for two people – where people sit to admire the view, fish or search for turtles. Funny. We saw at least six different couples sit down there while we were sat at Iskele – and we weren’t sat there for too long. (Today’s pics are of the view from Iskele restaurant – including the said wall.)

We walked back through Paspatur to get the dolmuş home and noticed that a man who used to run a kebab shop we always went to in the past is now running a kebab shop in Paspatur. That was it then; kebab for tea. This man knows how to do a good half bread. We always get chicken and lamb döner mixed and a separate plate of pickled chillies. Bliss!

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