All Change At Çalış Beach, Fethiye

This probably all looks completely different by now as this photo is two (nearly three) days old. But, big changes along Çalış Beach. This is the new scene as you walk onto the walkway from the main road – a seating / viewing area. The big thing at the front is a bit of a lectern shape so we were discussing what it might be. Maybe like in the Lake District where they put arrows to show what you’re looking at? Let’s see.

Calis Beach fethiye Turkey

Think this may be popular

Today has been lovely weather in Fethiye but a complete write off. We both woke up feeling a bit ropey – as we do on a Sunday morning – went to Calış market and had a (normally) curing gözleme and then walked back. We had loads to do today but the Fethiye weather was perfect and we still felt a bit rough and so we just cancelled ‘today’ (we had plans for spring cleaning today) and went to Boğaziçi Restaurant for a couple. Hair of the dog – that soon sorted us out – so much so that Barry got all inspired to do a barbecue. Lovely! Normally, when we do a barbecue, it’s for a good few people. If you’ve never bothered to get the barbecue going just for yourselves before, we can highly recommend it.

And so, we’ve just had a great barbecue; lamb fillets we bought. Looked them up in Jamie Oliver’s, ‘Cook With Jamie’ and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s ‘Meat’ and apparently a lamb fillet does not exist in British cooking/butchery. Actually, the way they cut lamb chops here (pirzola) is completely different to how it’s done in the UK. Anyway, wherever this ‘lamb fillet’ was from (as in which part of the lamb’s body) it was delightful. We bought four lamb ‘fillets’, put them on the barbie for a few minutes and they were a dream – like a long narrow piece of fillet steak, except it was lamb. Mm Mm Mmmm!

A couple of lamb fillets, sliced onions and long peppers, yoghurt…and a few glasses of red. That looks like it’s bed time to me!

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