Another Fethiye Cruise Ship

Cruise ship in Fethiye Harbour

The World coming into Fethiye Harbour this morning

Yeahy, how exciting! We got up this morning and opened the curtains to see another cruise ship inching its way very slowly as far as it could into Fethiye bay. I mentioned in the previous Fethiye cruise ship post that over the years, I have become a bit boring / obsessed with these cruise ships just to see which one it is that’s coming in. I rushed off for my camera to take this photo of her arriving. She’s currently docked in front of Letoonia and the shuttle boats are going to and fro, taking the ship’s residents ashore.

After I zoomed in on the photo, I could see the name on the boat and it’s called (rather unimaginatively?) The World. We have seen this boat in Fethiye before. It might have visited since but it was here three summers ago and stayed in the harbour for about 2 weeks. We found out that most of the people on the boat were American pensioners doing a world cruise. This is where Paspatur comes in handy. If you sit outside of Deep Blue Bar long enough, you see all these people strolling around the shops and when they leave, you get the low down from the shop owners.

It’s the Fethiye shop owners in Paspatur that would really get the benefit from the cruise ships if they were to come in regularly so here’s hoping for a for a few more to come in this summer.

We had to have a quiet night last night due to my ‘illness’ yesterday morning. I was really tired so we left Fethiye early. A gentle few at the Deep Blue Bar and then my dad wanted something ‘kebabish’ so we went to Paşa Kebab. Just fantastic and getting more and more popular. We had to sit inside last night because there was no room outside – and it’s only May! Anyway, we all had Adana kebab and there were no leftovers!

The weather in Fethiye is definitely heating up now too. Last night was the first night I’ve not had to put a small jacket or cardigan on as it’s got later. Arms out all night! Think it’s going to be a hot summer – well, hotter than usual.

Okay, we’re off to Çalış now on a dad hunt. I wonder where we’ll end up tonight…

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