Bowling in Ölüdeniz – Kumsal Bowling

It’s definitely the start of the summer season now in Fethiye because Deep Blue Bar is now open in the daytime too. Well, we felt it only right that we go and christen the beginning of the season by taking a few photos of Paspatur and enjoying a couple of Efes beers in the dappled shade. We had the couple of Efes but I forgot my camera – a shame because it was the first time we’d seen everything open and the whole area was looking particularly chilled and lovely. Oh well, there’ll be many more opportunities I’m sure.

Kumsal Bowling, Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Kumsal Bowling & Pide Restaurant

Today’s photo is of Kumsal Pide and Bowling in Ölüdeniz. Kumsal is one of the original eating places in Ölüdeniz, before there were any hotels and the area was just a quiet bay for camping. Quite impressively (we think), it has lived to tell the tale through all the construction of the big hotels, bars and restaurants and if you do find yourself in Ölüdeniz on a budget, they have kept their food prices very reasonable compared to other places on the seafront – Kumsal’s pide (Turkish pizza) and lahmacun (spicy Turkish flat bread) is yummy.

The great thing for us is they are one of the only places in the area that stay open through the winter so it’s been a little haven for us quite a few times after we’ve been trekking. We didn’t go inside when we went to Ölüdeniz the other day but it looks like they’ve done a lot of refurbishment and you can just about see in the photo that they’ve put a roof terrace on which must give amazing views of the sea.

The Kumsal bowling alley has been open for quite a few years now (it’s through the archway on the photo and straight down the stairs) and we’ve spent many an hour in there when it’s been a rainy day. It’s not bowling as you might know it in your own country. They do keep trying to get strict with the bowling shoes but it just doesn’t wash with people here. Bare feet, flip flops, trainers, we’ve seen them all, and I like it that way because I’ve got a bit of a thing about wearing shoes that other people have worn.

We’re not sure on the prices for a game because we haven’t been yet this year but it was never extortionate. There’s a bar down there and the added bonus is that if you start feeling a bit on the hungry side, the staff are happy to send up for a pide, chips, salad or whatever for you and they’ll deliver it to you downstairs so you can carry on playing.

Kumsal Pide & Bowling, Ölüdeniz – Useful Info

  • Kumsal Restaurant, Bar and Bowling is at the far end of Belcekiz Beach.
  • If you arrive to Ölüdeniz by dolmuş, with the beach facing you, turn left past all the restaurants and paragliding landing areas and it’s about a 5 minute walk along the shore – its one of the last buildings.

**Update: We have since visited Kumsal Pide and sat on the beautiful roof terrace whilst munching on Turkish meze and pide. Take a look at the pides and roof terrace. Unfortunately, the ten pin bowling alley closed in 2014…

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  1. Ooh, I’ve been bowling there! Probably about 3 years ago, I went to Olu Deniz in October and it was really rainy, so bowling was the perfect evening activity. I never ate there though, which is a shame… I could murder a lahmacun right now!

  2. How did I miss this comment, Serap? Sorry. A lot of people have caught on to the fact that it’s a good idea to go there on rainy days now. It’s a bit of a mad dash and first come first served. 🙂 As for the lahmacun, mmmmmm.

  3. robin snow says

    Bowled there about 8 years ago set the house record had one game bowled a 246 the manager gave me a bowling shirt and drinks having been an assistant bowl manager with 40 lanes it was strange there being only 4 plus the approaches being about 4ft shorter than normal lovely resort very friendly people.

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