Day Trip From Fethiye – Ölüdeniz

As it’s May Bank Holiday Monday today and being that we’re Brits, it’s just tradition that you go out and do something nice. We were pondering what some of our friends might be doing back in England – sitting in pub beer gardens, queueing along the M58 to get to Southport, queueing along the M55 towards Blackpool, queuing along the M6 to get to / back from the Lake District – all those sorts of Bank Holiday Monday things. We became a bit inspired and nostalgic for a Bank Holiday day out so we thought we’d go for a nosey around the must see area of this part of Turkey, Ölüdeniz; just to see if there was anyone around and what was open.

Good news all round really. Ölüdeniz is definitely open for business and there are already quite a few people around – more than this time last year which must be a good sign. We remember this because our friends were here on honeymoon this time last year and there wasn’t a lot open or many people around.

oludeniz beach fethiye turkey

A peaceful Belcekiz Beach

A hot day today but we walked down the beach and Barry dipped his finger into the sea. Even he said it felt cold (he’s been in the sea here in January in the past) so for me, it’ll be freezing. I don’t get wet (outdoors!) till at least June though so that’s okay for me. I’m not an impatient sort of girl. There were people swimming but not very many, I have to say.

The one thing we were scanning for – we only went for a bit of a nosey around – was beer prices. If there’s one phrase you don’t associate with Ölüdeniz, it’s ‘budget holiday’ but we’ve got to say we were very pleasantly surprised. Who would have thought it? We had a drink on the sea front and it was 5 lira for a beer (same as the last two years) and away from the seafront, we saw some for 4 lira. This is amazing for Ölüdeniz! The only bad news is that the dolmuş from Fethiye has gone up to 4 lira for this season. Well, we can’t have everything can we? (Petrol prices in Turkey are increasing at pace so there’s no surprise in the dolmuş fare increase for us.)

Hmm, more on the beautiful Ölüdeniz tomorrow…bed time.

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