Fethiye Bits n Bobs – A (Good) News Update

All systems go along the new harbour now. This section is very close to where we live and is the first sign of a road we’ve had in around three years. We also saw on the way up to Fethiye market today that they’ve started to lay the cobbles and join the old part of the running track to what is going to be the new bit. Wow, we won’t need to walk far to the track soon.

Fethiye harbour Turkey

We’ve got a road

We were very happy the other day to see ‘the little boat’ (the Çalış-Fethiye water taxi) had started chugging its way across the bay again so imagine our excitement at about 9 o’clock this morning when I heard a dull rumbling…another sound of the Fethiye summer season. I rushed to the front to have my suspicions confirmed. The Rhodes hydrofoil has started running. Not the prettiest looking vessel along the marina but she looks great in the distance first thing in the morning on a calm sea, rising up on her stilts.

Barry was on his way back from the shop and came in to tell me the hydrofoil had gone out. Obviously, I’d seen it too and so now, we can’t be sure who saw it first. Ahh, little competitions. Think we need to get a life! Anyway, it looks like the Fethiye rumour of the new catamaran is going to live on for a while longer yet…probably till next summer no doubt.

In Paspatur news, Cem (one of the brothers who runs Deep Blue Bar) is back from Germany, where he spends the winter. This is the final confirmation for us of the summer season starting in Fethiye. Why? Because Deep Blue Bar doesn’t open in the daytime in summer until Cem gets back from Germany. It’s always one of the last bars to open in the daytime and we just can’t accept that summer’s here till we can stroll to Paspatur in the afternoon and plonk down outside the bar for a lazy day, pretending we’re not going to have a drink – and then having a drink! My dad arrives on Saturday so I suspect we’ll be spending some afternoons there sooner rather than later.

So, that’s it then…another winter survived…it’s suuuummmmeeerrrrrr!

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