Fethiye Rumours – Yes It Is!

Look at this – two posts in one day. Well, it had to be done. On a dull and stuffy Fethiye day, we walked up to the Friday market to get some supplies for our friend’s arrival…and also to see what the McDonald’s looked like. Well, it looks like the Fethiye rumour that became a definite and then got demoted back to rumour status is now definitely a definite.

We passed it on the council bus on the way home and there were a couple of sets of Brits on the bus. One of them wanted to jump off the bus there and then saying they were having withdrawal symptoms (each to their own) and the other set of Brits groaned in disbelief. Who’d have thought something like this could cause such a stir? Well, as this is a positive blog, at least it’s created some more jobs in Fethiye.

Fethiye Turkey McDonalds

The new Fethiye McDonald’s

While we’re on the subject of the latest happenings in Fethiye, my other post about the strange contraption in the sea at Fethiye from this morning has generated three replies (all from blokes who must know about these types of things) and all said the same thing. We had a reply on Twitter, one as a direct message and the other one is a comment that you can read at the bottom of the post. It’s basically some sort of huge drill for laying jetties (sorry to the people who replied for simplifying that in such a bad way). The comment under the post is more detailed than that and thanks to all three of you for the info. We’re learning loads from doing this blog!

We’ve been hearing rumours for years and years that the harbour is going to be prepared for cruise ships and last week we heard that the cruise ships were going to be docking…right where that machinery is at the moment (it’s in the middle of the bay at the moment opposite the little fishing boat area). Hmmm, have the preparations begun then? Answer – not a clue but we’ll keep our eyes open – it’s just a rumour!

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  1. Michael Crane says

    A few years back we were disappointed to discover a McDonald’s in Marmaris. Now they have infested Fethiye!

    Well, I know of two people who won’t be spending their hard-saved Turkish lira in there. 😉

  2. It’s a divisive one McDonald’s. We’ve walked past a few times and it’s always busy. Looks like the people of Fethiye have been waiting a long time for it.

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