Turkish Breakfast & Unsettled Fethiye Weather

Well, after the mild winter we had in Fethiye, we would have expected May to have been much nicer than it’s been. The last few days of Fethiye weather have been really unsettled, cool and cloudy.

And, as I write, we’re being engulfed in a big black cloud – oh, and now the big, heavy raindrops are just starting to plummet to the earth like miniature torpedoes!

None of this particularly bothers us of course – a bit of rain never did anyone any harm – but our friend arrived at 3am this morning and she left a very hot and sunny Blighty behind to come to a very cool and cloudy Turkey.

Oh well, she’ll just have to enjoy the pleasure of seeing mates she’s not seen for ages. The sunbathing can wait for another day or two.

Turkish Breakfast Balcony

Turkish breakfast – eggs and bread to come

The photo today is of our ‘brunch’ we had this afternoon. We only made it to bed at 5am so it was a late start today. We took a photo of it because Charlotte was taking photos of it and it looked like a good spread for brekky/lunch. There was bread and also boiled village eggs but they were still inside before we took the photos.

It’s not quite a traditional Turkish breakfast but not far off. Cucumber, tomato, cheese, eggs, bread, olives, jam are the staples but there’s always room for manoeuvre with the Turkish breakfast.

Barry made kızartma last night and I made a potato salad from the new potatoes that are out on the market at the moment and a quick cacık (yoghurt and cucumber dip).

It did the trick anyway – till now. We’re all feeling a tad hungry again so we’re all fighting over the shower and getting ready to go out to eat and enjoy another evening at the lovely Deep Blue Bar.

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  1. Hope the weather picks up sharpish. We leave for the airport in 3 hours. The BBC weather says it will be sunny all week but I think your forecast might be truer as you are there 🙂

  2. istanbulblogger says

    patience is a virtue all good things will come to that wait canim 🙂

  3. We did wait and the weather is just perfect now!

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