Eating & Drinking – Bahane, Çalış Beach

At last, somewhere that we can head for (as well as Güven’s) when we fancy a bit of light refreshment while strolling along Çalış Beach. We are very much ‘bar people’ (hence our love of Deep Blue Bar) and we’re not knocking the other restaurants along this stretch (most of them are very popular) but we’ve never felt really comfortable and chilled if we’re just stopping for a drink because they are restaurants and are set out as such. Bahane is the bar that Çalış Beach has been crying out for for years.

Cafe Bahane, Çalış Beach, Turkey

A view of Red Island from Bahane

We sat here with our friends the other day while we were waiting for the carnival procession to pass and we were all just so relaxed that we could have stayed there all day. There’s very much a beach hut feel to it (great music, too) and we’re amazed that they’ve been able to do so much with such a small space.

Every time we passed this part of Çalış Beach towards the end of last summer, we saw the lads building it and thought, ‘That is never going to work. Too small.’ It’s great to be wrong sometimes because now, we can just amble along the beach, flop into a chair and watch the world go by or view a famous Çalış Beach sunset at Bahane – with an Efes Pilsen of course!

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  1. oh, you are making me so nostalgic for Turkey!!! How long will you stay there?

  2. Absolutely no idea Banu but certainly no plans to leave in the next 40 years or so. 🙂 Do you get back here often?

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