Fethiye – Hot, Hot, Hot

Phewww, there’s only one thing to do when the weather in Fethiye is as hot as this – you immerse yourself in water. This is the pool at the Golden Moon Hotel where we immersed ourselves this afternoon. It was only two weeks ago when I posted that the water was ‘fresh.’ None of that today. No, ‘Eeeeh, Oooooh, Aaaah, it’s freezing.’ I climbed straight in and it was even warm. A good cool down though.

And so, if you can , imagine sitting in an oven and then someone comes along and turns the thing on full blast. That’s what today was like. We’re not complaining, it’s just that we usually get an acclimatisation period. This year has been cool, cool, cool, ROASTING. Our bodies don’t know what’s hit them.

Golden Moon Hotel at Calis beach

All of a sudden, the pool is necessary

The dip in the pool today was made even more necessary because somewhere in our wisdom, we decided to walk to Kipa, Fethiye to get some tuna and some flowers. Off we trotted in the heat of the day. We live nowhere near Kipa so it wasn’t one of our better ideas. Imagine our distress when we got there and there was only one twin pack left of the tuna we like and no flowers. It was a long walk home with our little tuna twin pack!

To top things off nicely, not only did we set off in the heat of the day; I decided to set off in the heat of the day in my brand new flip flops! Every year, I have to go through the same rigmarole…and every year, I forget what the year before was like. My first few days of flip flop wearing leads to big toe and second toe agony. This only lasts a few days, but it’s pain all the same. I was not amused to be hobbling down the main road in ‘hair-dryer heat’ with only a couple of tins of tuna to show for our trouble.

I’m now sat writing this with plasters dotted about my feet…and the World Cup trumpets are filling my ears. The bonus is that the plasters were donated by one of the waiters at the Golden Moon and guess what – they stick! One of life’s little rarities these days. I’ve kept the packet so I can remember the name of them and I’ll post it on here when I find it. Everyone deserves sticky plasters!

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