Fethiye Rumours – Fethiye to Rhodes Catamaran

Allow us to refer you back to a previous post where we mentioned a new catamaran was going to replace the ‘daily’ hydrofoil from Fethiye to Rhodes.

This was supposed to be happening back in January of this year but nothing came of it. And then…we saw an advert showing the new Fethiye to Rhodes Express catamaran – and look. Here she is!

We say, ‘here she is.’ We actually went to the marina to check because the photo in the advert didn’t look quite right. When we got there we saw that the catamaran has a different name (‘Aegean Queen’ rather than ‘Fethiye to Rhodes Express’) so it’s either going to have a name change or the advert was just trying to show the purpose of the boat – or actually, will it keep it’s original name and still be the ‘Fethiye to Rhodes Express’ as well? We shall see.

Aegean Queen catamaran from Fethiye to Rhodes

Aegean Queen anchored in Fethiye harbour

Rather than just jump in with both feet and start to write about this rather attractive vessel on our blog, we did do a little bit of checking at one of the travel agencies opposite the marina but this doesn’t mean any of this is definite. We’re just reporting what was said…and it may all be rumour. To cut a long story short, the advert we saw was advertising visa trips to Rhodes on the catamaran. However, on making our enquiries, it’s not running. BUT the Flying Poseidon hydrofoil  IS running. It’s not running every day at the moment (contrary to what you might see on the posters) but that could all change as the season heads towards busy time.

When will the catamaran start running? ‘End of June, err beginning of July, err I don’t know,’ was the reply we got. And that’s what we love about life here…we’ll just have to wait and see. When it starts running, it starts running. It might be this season and then again, it might be next season. Who knows? Not a bad looking one though is it? Looking forward to trying it out for a day trip to Rhodes sometime but until then, the hydrofoil will do.

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