Fethiye Sunset – Positives of the Strange Weather

Our Fethiye weather is very strange at the moment – we have never known it to be like this in June. The mornings start off really promising. Blue skies, calm sea and the temperatures are great. Then, lunchtime comes and the clouds appear, the breeze picks up and it goes cooler. Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s still really warm and the nights are spent kicking the sheet off the bed but where is all this cloud coming from? As I write, we’ve just had a few big drops of rain – they’ve gone now thankfully and the cloud is just trying to break up.

Fethiye sunset Turkey

Just another Fethiye sunset

But, let’s look at the positives. Sunsets are all the more beautiful when there’s a bit of cloud in the sky – a little added interest. This was the Fethiye sunset a couple of nights ago. As with the Çalış sunset that we put on here a couple of days ago, we’ve got hundreds of photos taken from here, but you just can’t resist when you see stunning views like this.

Here’s hoping the rain holds off for later. We’re getting the barbecue out and have a couple of friends coming round. We’re hoping to impress them with some of our cooking but the pressure’s on as they cooked a fantastic Sunday lunch for us on Sunday. It’s a long, long time since we’ve eaten a traditional Sunday lunch and we don’t really miss them but when somebody puts one down in front of you, complete with home made Yorkshire pudding, mmmm, it was good.

I’ve done the usual suspects; Antep ezmesi and Antalya usulü piyaz. Barry’s in charge of the cooking. They wanted some Turkish food so that’s what they’re getting and the great thing is, if anything goes wrong, you can pretend it’s supposed to be like that because they’ve got no idea what it’s supposed to taste like. Not that our Turkish cooking isn’t good…

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