Seasonal Food in Turkey – Summer Fruits

Writing about the seasonal fruit and vegetables on Fethiye and Çalış markets is getting more difficult as we come into early summer because there’s just so much to see, photograph, buy and of course, eat.

Cherries (kiraz) have been out for a few weeks but they are at their best right now. We always go for the Napolyon kiraz – slightly more expensive than the others but really big and juicy and worth the extra lira or so per kilo.

We wrote a post over winter about Nif and the mountains. This is where most of the cherries that the people of Fethiye buy come from.

Cherries In Turkey

Cherry season in Fethiye runs from May through to July

Apricots (kayısı) are just coming into season but we haven’t bought any yet. We prefer them when they are soft and juicy and at the moment, they’re still a little bit on the crunchy side.

When we were living in England, we always thought we didn’t like apricots because we didn’t like apricot jam or apricot yoghurt. However, when we came to Turkey, we tasted our first fresh one – a revelation. We’re just waiting for a bit more ripeness now and they’ll be on the shopping list.

Apricots In Turkey

Apricots for sale in early summer

(We mentioned erik – unripe plums – a while back. You can see them in this photo, next to the apricots. A much more appetising colour and flavour for the untrained British taste bud.)

And then there’s the famous Turkish watermelon (karpuz). Look at that juicy redness. The ones for sale on Fethiye market this afternoon were all advertised as coming from Dalaman (of airport fame) and they are 50 kuruş a kilo! Bargain. Wonder if they manage to sell them all.

We never buy the watermelons from the market because they are just too heavy for us to carry home. We should have taken a photo of these melons next to something to give you an idea of the size. Think of a rugby ball and double its size. They’ll get a lot bigger, too, as the summer progresses.

Watermelons At Fethiye Market

Watermelon is so refreshing in the summer heat

We’re very lucky because if we do feel the need to eat watermelon – so refreshing straight from the fridge when the sun’s beating down outside – we have a man with a van.

Every day, at this time of year (he turned up last week) he pulls up at the side of the main road at the top of our street and opens the back of his lorry to reveal mountains of watermelons.

He then sets up his scales and a little stool in the shade on the path and sits there all day, every day (meaning any pedestrians walking along the path have to detour into the main road and walk around the lorry).

It means people in the neighbourhood don’t have far to carry their melons and he gets passing trade from the traffic. Good move, mister.

For more Turkish summer fruits, see our post, A Celebration of Fethiye Market.

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  1. Turkey Traveller says

    Looks superb, we are coming to Fethiye next week I can almost taste the watermelons already…..Can’t wait!

  2. You can’t miss them! Enjoy Fethiye.

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