Back To The Grindstone In Fethiye

We woke up this morning to the sight of this rather attractive private cruiser anchored in Fethiye Bay. It’s still there as I write actually, so whoever is on there must be having a fun time. They always look more beautiful in the mornings though because the lighting is different and the surf hasn’t yet hit the bay, so the sea is super calm.

Fethiye Harbour Cruiser

Very smart!

Anyway, no time for us to be dawdling about relaxing today. No, it’s busy, busy for us and trying to get back to a bit of normality after our friends left last week. Yes, it takes us a long time to get back to normal – the Mediterranean lifestyle suits us perfectly. We take our time over these things. It’ll be interesting to see how everything pans out actually.

Our summers are usually filled with friends coming out on holiday and then winters are spent in recovery and attempting the healthy eating and exercise regimes in preparation for the following summer. This year, all of our friends chose May and June to come and visit and so here we are with a blank appointment book for July, August and September. For the first time ever, healthy, normal living has begun in the height of summer instead of October / November. Does this mean we’ll lose the excess pounds even quicker than normal (we certainly gained them quicker than normal)?

Fethiye Harbour Cruiser

Water sports in Fethiye Bay – private cruiser-style

So, when we said sad goodbyes to our friends last Friday night, I was in, ‘Right, that’s it!’ mode. Diet and no more Efes Pilsen (Aaarrrgh!) for a while and get back into the jogging! Barry has no interest in the diet – even though he’s having to put up with the food with me – or the quitting of Efes, but we’re both getting back into the jogging. This morning, the alarm went off and after a snooze or two, we dragged ourselves out of bed and I peeled my jogging pants on (like I said, too many extra pounds in too short a time) and we prepared to go for a run. The first run since the end of April for me. Barry went on Thursday and assured me all was well and it was easy to get back into.

Hmmm, well. Not run for over 10 weeks, the temperatures have risen considerably and I’m carrying those extra pounds. The people on the private cruiser looked like they were having more fun than me as they unloaded dinghies, speed boats and jet skis to play around on. Meanwhile, Barry ran up and down the running track along the harbour as though he’d been doing it every day. And me? I felt every single thud of my feet, I was red hot and out of breath – and that was right from the first step! And then, after that, we walked to Çalış market in the heat of the day. We must be mad! Got some lovely peaches though.

We’re going jogging again tomorrow but this time, no snoozes. Straight out of bed while there’s still a hint of morning coolness in the Fethiye air and out onto the track. 3 times a week. No Efes. Yep…let’s see what happens…I’ll remember to take my MP3 player as well. The music does do a good job in numbing the pain!

(Oh, just looked back at previous posts and our last running session wasn’t the end of April at all. It was May 1st. I wrote about Fethiye harbour developments. So, not as big of a gap as I thought.)

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