Evening Stroll to Çalış

Yesterday evening was the first time for what feels like an age that we went for a stroll; a going-nowhere-in-particular saunter. Well, we ended up ‘sauntering’ along the coast road between Fethiye and Çalış and walked along the beach front. We cheated and got the dolmuş back home.

Sunset Over Çalış

Sunset on the Fethiye to Çalış coastal road

We don’t go to Çalış a lot at night – if we do, we usually go to the tents – and we’ve got say, we were both quite shocked. It was packed. There are a lot of people holidaying in this resort at the moment.

Today’s stroll was a little less beautiful as we headed towards the Günlükbaşı road and the delights of Kipa supermarket. However, it was rewarding, which is what we were hoping for after a 30 minute dusty walk up a main road in silly temperatures. We walked out of Kipa with carrier bags containing tinned tuna AND four cans of German pilsener beer. Barry was all excited to see a different beer so it had to be put to the test. They’ve all gone so it passed the test. I got a bottle of dry white wine which is supposed to be for Saturday night – there’s about half a bottle left at the moment. Always bad news buying your weekend goodies before the weekend.

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