Fethiye Bay Observations – Weather and Boats

An unintentional couple of days without posting and I did have a post in mind for yesterday but I’ll save that one for later this week sometime. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or you live in this little corner of Turkey anyway, you’ll know that a couple of days ago, the weather in Fethiye and environs was very odd indeed for July. It even rained. Not a lot, but big droppers, thunder in the mountains and a strange, eerie haze as you can see in the photo below. I took this early evening just as the sun was beginning to think about wowing everyone with its setting performance. I was more interested in this heavy sky and the reflections on the sea.

Fethiye Bay and Red Island, Turkey

A heavy July atmosphere in Fethiye

We’d had a couple of really hot days before this strange Fethiye weather so we were hoping the midi storm would clear the air a little…it didn’t! Not for that day anyway.

Fethiye Sailboat

Arrival of a beautiful ship in Fethye Bay

Cue this morning…there we are, sat on the terrace with a brew, minding our own business (Just from the photo, you can see the air has cleared a little bit.), listening to the chug chug chug of the little fishing boats and enjoying the gentle sea breeze. I happened to look up to see this inching its way into Fethiye Bay. It’s a beauty, you’ve got to admit. It doesn’t matter how long we live in Turkey, there’s always going to be something where I think, ‘Wow. Beautiful. Oh…camera. Where’s the camera? Quick, camera!’

Fethiye Sailboat

The ship anchors near the Letoonia resort in Fethiye

So, this amazing vessel is the reason why I haven’t written about what I was going to write about today. This deserved a mention just because I am becoming a ‘ship spotter.’ The annoying thing is, I’ve zoomed right in on my camera and it doesn’t quite get close enough. The name is along the side and I can’t make it out. Maybe that’s a good thing. I think I need stopping in my tracks! The boat left the bay earlier on this evening to who knows where…further along the Turkish coast? The Greek islands? Wonder whose boat it is? Private charter? Rich owner? Lucky people, whoever they are.

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  1. Anonymous says


    The name on the side is star clippers, this is there blog…

    Regards Rob.

  2. Rob, thanks very much!! Have you got better eyes than us or are you just more technical? Thanks for the message the other day as well. Sorted now. 🙂

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