Friends’ Holidays In Fethiye

Well, after an unsettled May and June, July has brought with it the familiar Fethiye summer heat, haze, cicadas making themselves heard in the trees, hot and humid evenings. If it wasn’t before, summer is most definitely upon us now in Fethiye.

Sundial Hotel Swimming Pool

The immensely inviting Sundial Hotel swimming pool

It’s this time of year when you’re thankful for swimming pools and the beautiful Mediterranean to immerse yourself in. We still have lots of friends out till Friday and we’ve ended up being on their holidays with them. We’ve done a Fethiye Bays boat trip, had a pool party and, fortunately for us, they love going up to the Sundial Hotel for one of their days so we always go up there to meet them. After clambering up the track from getting off the dolmuş, believe me, there is no better sight than that swimming pool. Straight in!

Fethiye From The Sundial

Just another beautiful view of Fethiye from the Sundial Hotel

I’m definitely more of a pool person than a sea person. I love swimming in the sea if I get in from a boat but I don’t like the wading in and out from the shore. We went to join our friends yesterday afternoon on Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz. They’re professional beach sunbathers and we’re anything but, so we went down to join them late afternoon.

I did get as far as paddling – but a few big crashing waves later and that was me finished.20 minutes sweltering under an umbrella and then we did what we always do, ‘We’ll meet you in a bar later.’ Our friends can sit on the beach from 10am till sunset. They’re all now fantastically tanned and loving the heat.

Us? Brown arms and slightly brown legs just from walking around, huffing and puffing and seeking out every tiny bit of shade we possibly can. Well, that’s summer in Fethiye. Here’s to the next 8 weeks of good weight loss weather!

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  1. SunDial is an amazing resturant and pool, just somewhere really nice to chill, alone or with friends.

    The views are amazing and well worth the time to get there off the beaten track.

    Great place, would definately go back to waste a few hours just watching the world go by!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Clare. We love to go up to the Sundial too! 🙂 Fantastic views.

  3. There are no doubts about the beauty of Fethiye.
    P.S. navigation icons are a total blast! xD

  4. @ D: Thanks but they may be on their way soon. 😉

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