A Guide To Ölüdeniz – Part One

Just another reason why the Fethiye area of Turkey is the perfect place to live or to visit. A short dolmuş ride from Fethiye and we’re on one of (apparently) the most photographed beaches in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Turkish Tourist Board poster that hasn’t got a photo of the lagoon that is Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea).

Ölüdeniz Lagoon & Belcekiz Beach, Turkey

View of the lagoon from the Kayaköy footpath

If you’re a beachy person, then you’re spoilt for choice here. We’re not beachy people – but we spend a lot of time in Ölüdeniz. In the summer months, this time is spent doing a few minutes’ stint on the beach with friends and then going off to wait in a bar somewhere in the hope that they get as bored as we do sooner rather than later. (We’ve never been the best sunbathers.)

As for the winter months, this is when Ölüdeniz comes into its own for us. The hills surrounding the beaches are perfect trekking territory and the summer haze has disappeared, leaving beautiful clear views over the beaches, mountains and across the sea towards the Greek island of Rhodes.

Belcekiz Beach, Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Ölüdeniz is much quieter in early season

Hopefully, we’ll be doing some trekking around here in the coming (cooler) months so we’ll be able to put the walks on the blog. A regular trek for us is walking through the ruins of Kayaköy and over to Ölüdeniz. Stunning views.

Where to do your sunbathing in the summer months? Well, we always head for Belcekiz Beach (above). Belcekiz is the main beach just as you get off the dolmuş and if you’re coming to Ölüdeniz on a budget, this is going to be one of your best bets as it’s free entry. Sunbeds and umbrellas are 6 lira each this season but as we just stop by to say hello to friends, we just put our towels down on the sand. Free!

If you want to go to the lagoon – most people do – there’s what we call the ‘front lagoon’ and the ‘back lagoon.’ You’ll pay for entry to the front lagoon whereas the back lagoon is a series of private beaches with their own bars and restaurants. The beaches in the back lagoon are free to enter and then you just pay for your beds and umbrellas. Head for Belcekiz Beach if you like waves and head for the lagoon if you like, well, lagoons. The clue’s in the name.

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