The Perfect Evening Meal – With Turkish Ingredients

Have you ever found that sometimes when you’re making tea (or dinner – depending where you’re from in the world) and you’re not expecting too much from it, it ends up being a revelation; a perfect tea? That’s what’s happened to us tonight so we’re feeling the need to share our fantastic tea with you.

I’ll start from the beginning. Last night, Barry made a jalfrezi which we finished off for lunch this afternoon. There wasn’t a lot left so I made some rice to go with it and, as usual, made far too much. This meant we had lots of rice sitting in the pan. We’ve got a bit of a thing about not throwing leftover food away and luckily, I remembered reading about a recipe for rice fritters just last week; not dissimilar to the Turkish mücver recipe, except of course, that uses courgettes rather than rice. I looked it up again this morning and thought I’d give them a go.

I usually play about with recipes but this was the first time I’d made rice fritters so I stuck to the instructions…okay, I threw some extra hot chilli flakes into the mixture. I can’t resist. I left the mixture to rest and thought, ‘Great. Rice fritters for tea. Is that it? What can we have with it?’ The recipe suggests a tzatziki dip or similar. Well, as we’re in Turkey, I would have made cacık (I’ll post a recipe for cacık later this week) but then I remembered using the last cucumber yesterday afternoon. ‘Hmm, what to do? We can’t just eat a plateful of rice fritters.’

What I did do – I’m very proud of this I have to tell you – is make my own little recipe using bits and bobs from the fridge. I’ll post it tomorrow just because we both thought it tasted fabulous when we tested it.

The rice fritters, I’ll admit, I was thinking they were just going to fall apart in the pan when I tried to turn them over…but they didn’t! Major potential hurdle cleared.

Rice Fritters

Rice fritters – the way to make use of leftover rice?

Here they are cooling down and being relieved of their excess oil. They look about right from what I saw on the recipe photo and they’re intact, which is the main bonus.

Rice Fritters with Accompaniment

The perfect accompaniment to rice fritters?

And here is our amazing tea. The rice fritters, we both agreed that if your eyes were closed, you wouldn’t guess you were eating rice. The texture and flavour gives nothing away as to what the ingredients are. I expected them to be good but they were much better than good. And the little side dip? Well, it was just the absolute, perfect accompaniment. I’ll post the accompaniment recipe tomorrow when I’ve thought of a name for it!

This post will go into the ‘recipes’ section of the blog and the ‘Turkish food’ section. We know it’s not traditional Turkish cuisine but the meal is made completely from Turkish ingredients. That’s my logic, anyway.

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  1. Brilliant post (well how can I not like it), your posts always make me smile 😀

  2. Why, thank you Sarah. Bet you can’t wait for my exciting new recipe tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I made this today for lunch because I had some left over rice. We had it with lentil soup! Sounds odd but it was delicious and anyway I just wanted to try them. This is an amazingly easy recipe and they also look yummy! thanks Julia.


  4. I’m just glad we didn’t end up eating rice crispies if they all fell apart in the pan 🙂 We’ve cooked a couple of things from Sarah’s blog now and they’ve both been really good.

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