Seasonal Food in Turkey – Şeftali and Nektarin

Well don’t all these lovely, vibrant colours just shout out summer to you? Peaches (şeftali) galore on Fethiye and Çalış markets at the moment. We don’t eat a lot of fruit but the seasonal fruits that I do really look forward to are cherries – still available – peaches and nectarines and, later on in the year, pomegranates. We are quite conscious that we don’t eat enough fruit so I probably overcompensate when I load the carrier bags up with these goodies.

Peaches on Çalış Market, Turkey

Juicy summer peaches

When we went to Çalış market on Sunday, I was on a mission to buy the first batch of nectarines we’d had this year. We’ve noticed the peaches for sale for the past couple of weeks or so, so I presumed the nectarines would be available too. Well, they were available on this stall but you’ll notice they’re more expensive than the peaches. That’s because the peaches are now in prime season but it would appear the season is yet young for the nectarines. This was the only stall selling them and they weren’t soft enough for me. We’ll try again next week I think.

Nectarines on Çalış Market, Fethiye, Turkey

Not quite ready just yet

Both of us much prefer a nectarine to a peach because of the skin. Nectarine with yoghurt and honey is delicious! A friend once told me that she couldn’t stand the the feel of peach skin in her mouth because of the furriness. I’d never thought about it before but since then, I always remember that and it’s made me very aware of it, too. A nectarine means I don’t have to worry about nonsense like that!

Having said that, we plumped for a kilo of peaches on Sunday. I had one for breakfast this morning, peeled, after our run and it was ripe and juicy and tasted of summer. A fantastic start to the day!

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