Seasonal Food in Turkey – Titchy Cucumbers

We were walking around the fruit and vegetables of the Tuesday market in Fethiye this week and these little cucumbers caught my eye. Fortunately, they were displayed next to your average cucumber so you can get an idea of the size. Sometimes, these small cucumbers are labelled as ‘turşuluk’ which basically means ‘these cucumbers are ideal for pickling.’ We bought a kilo and today they have been transferred into their rightful place in the pickling tub and placed in the fridge where they will stay for two weeks…ish, before we eat them.
Cucumbers Fethiye Market

Cucumbers come in all shapes and sizes in Turkey

So, it’s all getting a bit pickle-ish again. We had a bit of a pickle writing fad over winter and wrote my pickle recipe in one of the posts. Well, our love of pickles has never waned (and never will it wane!). We’re still eating them, in various guises, with most meals and we’ve been taking a lot more notice of the pickles we’re eating when we go to Fethiye and Çalış markets for gözleme. We’ve even asked the owners of one of our regular haunts how they make their pickles. This means I can now extend my repertoire of great Turkish pickle recipes.So, tucked away in the fridge, right at this very moment, is a pickling tub filled with turşuluk salatalık (pickling cucumbers), biberler (peppers), acı biberler (chillies) and patlıcan (aubergines). Yes, I am pickling aubergines. We’ve had them at the markets and in meze dishes in Kaya and they’re gorgeous. I could just never quite work out how it was done. We’ve now asked and I’ve tried it out tonight…I’ll post the recipe in a fortnight’s time if the new pickling attempt is successful.

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