Eating and Drinking in Fethiye: Mozaik Bahçe

We realised when we did the Fethiye Eating & Drinking tab that we hadn’t actually written about a lot of the places we listed – so we’re going to put that right, right now. Well, for one of the places anyway. More places to come in time. You’re following our work in progress here sorry. We have ideas of what we want the blog to look like. We make a start on the job in hand. And then realise there’s a whole lot of work involved in our new additions.

So the first place we need to mention is Mozaik Bahçe. Some people might have worked out by now that we have a bit of an obsession with heading East (as in the east of Turkey) – and the Hatay region is one area where we would love to spend quite some time.

Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant in Fethiye

Mozaik Bahçe from the outside

One of our main urges to head East is because of everything we’ve heard about the landscape and the fantastic cuisine and so for now, Mozaik Bahçe in Fethiye centre is satisfying some of our curiosity about the cuisine at least. Doğan (the owner and the guy you are likely to come across if you go there) is really keen to tell people about the food they serve and why Mozaik Bahçe is called Mozaik Bahçe. The first time we went, he told us that the Hatay region of Turkey is a mixture of cultures and religions (Muslim, Christian, Jewish)…and therefore cuisines. It’s like a mosaic of all of those, hence the name of the restaurant. And how much do we want to go there now? Some time more than soon…

Meze at Mozaik Bahçe in Fethiye

Far too many starters at Mozaik Bahçe – main meal still to come

The photo above is a starter platter that we ordered between us the last time we were there, which is a couple of months ago – like we’ve said in the past, we don’t eat out a lot. (The plate in the foreground has içli köfte on it – yummy. We just had an urge for it. That’s another post). Most restaurants in Fethiye will do you a meze plate for two and you’ll get a fabulous range of mezeler on it. The difference with Mozaik Bahçe is they throw a couple of extras in there that no one else in Fethiye serves; food particular to the Hatay region. And if you can get Doğan’s attention, he’ll tell you about the food on your plate – if you want to know, that is.

The last time we went, we asked Doğan about the food and some of the recipes. He disappeared and came back with a huge Hatay cookery book – all in Turkish. He left it with us and we could make the important bits out and if we ever make it to that area (one day), we shall be looking for a Hatay cookery book. Dream, dream, dream…

Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant, Fethiye – Useful Info

  • Mozaik Bahçe is in the centre of Fethiye, just behind Domino’s Pizza, on 91 Sokak.
  • The restaurant is open from end of March until mid-November.
  • For exact opening dates and to keep up to date with the latest menu changes, ‘like’ Mozaik Bahçe on Facebook.

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