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It’s all getting a bit keep-fit crazy in Turkey at the moment. People who we speak to in Istanbul and Izmir through Twitter are all talking about their jogging routines and other methods of keeping fit. We recently picked up our jogging again after a brief ‘holiday’ from it all and are sticking to running plans. Barry found his on the internet and mine is a Nike running plan.

Working towards a goal, and having a programme to stick to, is much needed by me. I’m happy to quit my run as soon as I feel remotely tired but there’s something psychological about following a plan that makes you stick to it.

And so, every other morning, as early as we can drag ourselves out of bed, we set off along the running track by the sea. Neither of us are particularly good at springing out of bed and looking spritely but with temperatures and humidity levels as high as they are at the moment, it’s got to be done. And we are very lucky. We run along the Fethiye coastline while a friend in England wakes up super early to run three miles in all sorts of weather before she goes to work. Would I do that in England? Absolutely not!

Running Track Along Fethiye Harbour
Every little helps – Fethiye’s harbourside running track

The aim of the first part of my running programme is to get me to do a 5k run in the next 4 weeks. After that, the idea is to get to 10k, 5 weeks later. All is fine with the 5k plan. ‘Jog for this long, walk for this long bla bla.’ The potential problems may arise when I start the 10k plan as I’ve noticed some variations in the verb and adverb use. Let me give you some examples:

3×5 minutes fastjog 3 mins in between (The assumption there is that I have 2 running speeds and I can assure you, the speed I run at is anything but fast!)
30 mins easy (I do not, have not before, and probably never will, find running ‘easy’ – especially when it’s for 30 minutes!)
3×8 mins cruise – 2 min jog between (Cruise? Cruise? No. There is nothing in my body that allows me to ‘cruise’ up that running track. ‘Drag,’ yes! And when you’re ‘jogging,’ are you no longer ‘cruising’?)

Who knows, by the time I’ve done this 5k run, I might be a jogging expert with all these speed variations and more. I shall put my complete faith in this programme and time will tell. At the moment, I can stroll, power walk and do something that I like to call ‘jogging’. I suspect there’s a long way to go. And as for Barry; he’s doing a 15k running plan that I daren’t even look at lest I go off the idea of running altogether.

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  1. Keep it up….. as you get fitter you will have varying effort levels (better way to measure than speed). This time last year i could just run 5k and had only ever ran 10k 4 years back. This year i completed the London Marathon, 2 half marathons, lost 2.5 stone and a few more on the way to lead up to the Istanbul Marathon! You may not be leading up to marathons but it goes to show that in a few months you’ll be running 10k no problem… hope the running bug gets you… its great! Feel free to check out my running blog http://www.gemmarathonrunner.blogspot.com 🙂

  2. Thanks Gemma. We both love going for a run now – I’m just not very good at it! 🙂 If we can get up there (we’re hoping to decide this week) I want to do the 8k this year in Istanbul and Barry’s going to do the 15k. Who knows, maybe the marathon next year? Will have a look at your blog now. 🙂

  3. Just so you’ve got a clickable link to your blog, Gemma:- http://www.gemmarathonrunner.blogspot.com

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