Fethiye Vessel Spotting – Eyesore Or Scenic?

Tanker in Fethiye Harbour

Ozkan A in Fethiye. Beautiful or an eyesore?

We were sitting on the balcony a couple of nights ago, after we’d been to the Tents and it looked as though Şovalye Island had a fire over the opposite side. Then we realised the orange glow was much too steady, rather then flickery. Eventually, the orange glow crawled its way slowly into Fethiye’s bay and we heard the anchor chains tumbling into the sea. We couldn’t see what type of vessel it was because it was dark and the lights were just so bright.

This is the scene that greeted us yesterday morning. (Note, you can see the mainland in the background. At last! The humid air has lifted!) What do you think about tankers? We’re in opposite camps in our house. Barry doesn’t like them and I have no idea why, but I find them quite appealing and interesting. A bit of industry going on in Fethiye.

This tanker is the Ozkan A. Why is it in Fethiye? We have absolutely no idea. We’ve just been having a nosey and at the moment, the white arm you can see in the middle of the tanker is lifting blue containers from a smaller boat just next to it. Supplies for the onward journey maybe?

I’ve just Googled the Ozkan A and I’ve now found a website I dare not register with. It’s description is that it’s a site for vessel spotting enthusiasts. Oh dear! Surely that’s exactly the same as being a train spotter except you’re looking at ‘vessels.’ If I register, I can track where the Ozkan has been, where it’s going to, what it’s doing. No, I am not going down that path! As it is, the information I have found is that the Ozkan A is a tanker, it’s flag is the Marshall Islands flag (I could give you the measurements but again, I refuse to go down that path!) and it’s currently in the Rhodes vicinity. Ahh, well we know it’s exact position and that’s Fethiye. I am very curious to know what it’s purpose in life is though…

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