Time For The Çalış Tents Again

We’ve got friends out at the moment who normally come out for just short of three weeks. This year, they weren’t supposed to be coming at all but they’ve managed to squash a week in so a busy schedule has been set. They’re hoping to do in one week what they normally do in three. We did the Hisarönü night on Monday and so tonight is the turn of ‘the tents.’ We always like it when someone wants to go to the tents at Çalış Beach because it means we get an excuse to go too. We haven’t been since we last posted about them.

Traditional Turkish Music in Calis

Nothing better than taking delivery of an ice cold Efes Pilsen

I’m going to remember to take my camera and get a photo of the Turkish musicians this time because, as you can see in this photo, we were sat a long way back the last time we went and I couldn’t get a good photograph of the main reason why we like going there so much.

Just a couple of quick notes about the blog in general. People are already using it so some have obviously seen it; we’ve now got a Facebook ‘like’ button at the bottom of each post. So should you find anything remotely interesting that we witter on about on here, feel free to click the ‘like’ button and make us feel popular. It’s the little ‘thumbs up’ gadget to the right of all the slightly bigger symbols.

The ‘like’ button is also at the bottom of the separate pages we’ve put on the blog. And, speaking of the separate pages, we did a post about the new Turkey Flickr photos page a couple of weeks back. From that, we got some new members of the group and a good few new photos. People are adding photos from all around Turkey to the group all the time so have a nosey whenever you fancy…

Right, time to get ready for another summer evening of Fethiye (well, Çalış) fun…

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