A Budget Bayram Day Out In Ölüdeniz

This summer has definitely been the summer of the rediscovery of Ölüdeniz for us. We usually spend a bit of time down there when friends are out, but this year, just the two of us have made the short trip a few times. Probably, one reason for this is that the sea has managed to stay quite cool despite the hot, humid July and August so it’s provided some very welcome respite.

Belcekiz Beach, Ölüdeniz

Late afternoon sun over Belcekiz

And late summer is most definitely upon us now. We decided to go to Belecekiz Beach for a swim yesterday afternoon and there was a slight nip to the water. Bliss. A quick dip squished between the many Turkish families celebrating Bayram and then back to our towels to dry off under the no longer unbearable heat of the sun. I think we managed a whole 30 minutes before the sunbathing boredom set in.

Ölüdeniz Views

Looking out over the rooftops and terraces lining Belcekiz Beach from The Harrys

We have mentioned in the past that Ölüdeniz on a budget can be a bit of a challenge but we are never to be deterred. If we go alone, it means we don’t need sunbeds and umbrellas. No, we just sling our towels down on the sand – we’re not on the beach long enough anyway to get our money’s worth from the beds or umbrellas. And then there’s the challenge of finding a large, cold, bottled Efes Pilsen (beer stays colder for longer in the bottle) in a bar with a decent view. The Harrys has helped us out there, especially seeing as they have their ‘happy hours’ between lunchtime and 4pm. Perfect.

Kebabs At Mimoza Piknik, Ölüdeniz

It’s easy to miss Mimoza Piknik so keep your eyes peeled

As it was Bayram we decided to treat ourselves to food in Ölüdeniz too. However, it seemed a bit extravagant to go for the full-on meal (seeing as we weren’t even supposed to be going for a swim!) so we went to another of our budget places. Mimoza Piknik is on the pedestrianised street leading up from Belcekiz Beach and they do a fantastic chicken döner half bread for 5 lira. We like it here because you get a hot tomato sauce ladled onto your kebab rather than ketchup, you get loads of chicken and they have pickled chillies in tubs on their tables. Not for the faint-hearted these chillies but an essential for döner kebabs of all varieties.

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  1. I enjoyed your day vicariously. Sounds like the kind of day I enjoy–lazy, sunny, with a bit of swimming, a bit of sunbathing(not too much because, well, yes, I find it boring after a while )and then a cold drink and some good food while sitting on a terrace. I’ve had days like that in several countries, but not in Turkey, so thanks for sharing.

    There is a name for a day like this: The Good Life.

  2. We do our best to make most days like that! 🙂

  3. we love going to mimoza piknik for mid day snack and an Efes will be there in August 🙂

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