It’s Meis Time Again

I can’t believe how quickly the time goes, living here in Fethiye. A couple of days ago, we had to leave Turkey for the day again to renew our visas. As usual, we got on the phone to Turcan and booked to go to the Greek island of Meis.

Meis, Kastellorizo Harbour
Yachts are continually coming and going in the harbour

I think we’ve explored just about every nook and cranny of this beautiful little harbour now so these days it’s a case of getting off the boat (another calm crossing from Kaş by the way. Unbelievable!), checking what’s available in Duty Free and then heading to our favourite Meis restaurant for lunch, the Olive Garden.

Tasty Greek Tzatziki

Creamy tzatziki – with an added ingredient neither of us could put our finger on.

Most of the time, The Olive Garden serves grills that are prepared on the barbecue and as we were a little early, we had to wait a while for the coals to be ready. No problem at all. We passed the time away munching on some bread dipped in this lovely, refreshing, garlic-filled tzatziki while we looked at the menu.

A trip to Greece usually means a pork fix but I was determined to ask for something different this time. My heart was shouting loudly at me to go for the Greek sausage, like I always do, but my head was sensibly telling me to add a bit of variety to life – so I did. But, only because Barry plumped for the home made Greek sausage so I knew I could have a little taste.

Open Barbecue at the Olive Garden

Gazing at the barbecue, willing the coals to be ready.

By the time we’d polished off the tzatziki, bread and an ice-cold Mythos, the coals on the barbecue were just about ready and the salt, pepper and olive-oil and lemon dressing were placed at the side ready for seasoning our grills.

Homemade Greek Sausage
This time it was Barry who went the Greek sausage route

Barry’s home made Greek sausage arrived. All very simple – served with crisp rocket leaves and a wedge of lemon. I love fresh lemon on grilled meat. It’s something I’d never seen or tried before going to Greece and it adds a bit of zingy freshness to the meat.

Freshly Grilled Squid
Squid on a stick – and very nice it was too!

And it was really difficult but I did it. I gave up my pork fix in favour of a lovely, fresh, skewered barbecued squid and most importantly, I didn’t regret it. Neither of us have ever cooked squid before so we rely on restaurants getting it right for us. (We’ll have a go one day.) I believe the trick is not to overcook it and this was only on the barbecue for a few short minutes. It was served with the lemon and olive oil dressing and, well, it was just gorgeous!

At the time of writing, the visa trip, including transfer from Fethiye, is 90 TL per person, including the visa. Contact details for Late Breaks are in this Meis post, or there is now also a Late Breaks office along the Karagözler in Fethiye.

If you are staying anywhere between Fethiye and Antalya, sailing from Kaş to Meis is a beautiful, relaxing day out. We would guess that most travel agents in resorts around this area would be able to arrange this for you.

**Update 2013: Due to changes in visa rules, the ‘visa run’ is no longer possible unless your visa has hit its 180 day validity. However, it is still possible to go to Meis for a regular day trip with Late Breaks.

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  1. Love the pictures and story! Feels like I was there, too! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love squid. Mostly all we see here is calamari fried which is very good done right, but this fresh grilled squid looks divine.

  3. I was going to go for the fried calamari but the owner asked me if I wanted it cooked on the barbecue so I thought i’d give it a try. Perfect!

    Thanks for your comments.

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