Living in Fethiye – The Annual End Of Summer Bounty

It’s been another hectic but fantastic summer with friends from home coming to Fethiye to see us (and to have a holiday of course). Over the years, since moving to Fethiye, we’ve also met lots of new friends – friends who come to Turkey for their holidays every year and sit at Deep Blue Bar – well, that’s usually how we get chatting to people! The summer months are now one long hive of activity for us. And this is one of the advantages of living abroad that we had never really thought about until it happened to us.

When we were kids at school, there was always the annual harvest festival where we all had to bring some food in (some kids always had the really posh baskets packed with all sorts of lovely foodstuffs) and carry it to the front of the assembly hall to be displayed. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was one of those displays. We were reminded of the school harvest today when we emptied our goody bags out onto the table for the benefit of this photo.

Fethiye Harvest

Quite a bounty we get ourselves

This is the thing we had never thought about until we moved to here. Friends who come to stay in apartments or who have their own holiday apartments in Fethiye always need to buy food and other essentials. Whether they are in Fethiye for a week or two weeks, there are always leftovers that are either going to be thrown away…or our friends think, ‘Give that to those two.’ Not being the types who like to let things go to waste, we’re always grateful recipients.

We went to see some friends off today and were handed all the goodies you can see in the photo. The walk home, in the sun, with five heavy carrier bags was a tad difficult but our cupboards, fridge and freezer are now all fully replenished with other people’s purchases. No cost to us…well, think we had better get the barbecue going and the beers in next time they come out.

And it’s not just food of course. We can’t remember the last time we bought suncream or aftersun. We’ve got drawers full of the stuff – some quite posh ones too – all different factors. In these days of people not wanting to keep suncream for too long, lest it go off, we get the benefits and it gets replenished each year. Shower gels and shampoos – anything friends don’t want to lug back in their suitcase – all end up in our household.

And then there’s the, ‘We’re coming to Fethiye next week. Do you want us to bring anything?’ At this point, we’d like to say we’re not too difficult on that one as we don’t really miss anything. We ask for the odd bits and bobs but it’s all simple stuff.

However, one friend might not be asking us the ‘do you want anything bringing out’ question again as this year we requested crumpet rings! Good on him, though. He found some after a long search in Liverpool. The making of crumpets…that’ll be another post. In the meantime, we were having a bit of a crumpet craving so they brought us a pack of them out and some homemade jam, just to satisfy the need.

Friends are very kind to you when you move to Fethiye!

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  1. What a great side benefit! Something I never even thought of. Very cool!


  2. It certainly helps with the shopping bill Veronica! 🙂

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