Ölüdeniz Eating and Drinking – The Harrys

Uff, where has this week gone? I was just going to write that we had friends out last week. Well, strictly we did but I’ve just realised they left last Monday and it’s now Saturday! Anyway, these friends who were out had a night out in Ölüdeniz on one of their nights. They had a meal and then told us about a bar they went to afterwards, and really liked, called The Harrys. Once they’d explained where it was, we knew the place they meant. We’d never been so we thought we’d give it a try when we were in Ölüdeniz last Monday. We don’t spend a lot of time in Ölüdeniz so we’re always on the lookout for places to go.

Sea Views From Harry's Bar in Ölüdeniz

The Harrys bar area. Comfy seating & a beautiful view

We both really like the way the bars and restaurants along Belcekiz Beach are working at the moment. It’s getting to a point where you are spoilt for choice and quite a few of them are adopting the bar terrace approach. And why on earth wouldn’t they with this view?

Traditional Turkish Gület in Ölüdeniz

Gület in Ölüdeniz

The Harrys pips the others to the post on height though. Along Belcekiz Beach, most of the places have a ground floor area and then a roof terrace. The Harry’s doesn’t have the benefit of a ground floor (they do well to get people in at all – most people don’t like a staircase leading to the unknown!). The restaurant is on the first floor and then you go upstairs again to the bar area. These photos are of the bar area and I did take one of the restaruant area which is equally nice but my photo is rubbish.

Paragliders in Ölüdeniz

A constant stream of paragliders pass the bar area

We judge our bar experiences on ‘getting stuckability.’ If we accidentally end up there longer than intended, then it’s a good bar. The height of The Harrys gives beautiful views over the whole bay, paragliders descend right past you (I didn’t move from my seat or use the zoom on my camera to take this photo) the music is ambient, chilled out stuff and the clincher for us; because it’s a separate bar area, no table-setting going all around you. We were just very chilled there.

Other little happy points: they’ve got a cute dog, good toilets and a visitors’ book. We didn’t eat there but have got some sort of vague plan (all our plans are vague) to go back there before the end of the season because there are loads of positive comments in the visitors’ book.

The Harrys is the last bar on the left – right on the corner – before the main pedestrianised street, along Belcekiz Beach (you need to look up).

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  1. Nice bar, with tremendous views, only down side when we were there was football on every tv on every floor! The chill out music would have been much appreciated, especialy as there were only about a dozen customers in the place!

  2. @ Phil: Alas, the ‘beautiful game’ appears to be taking over the world. We’re not football fans either. Maybe more people would have been in had the football not been on. 🙂

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